Review: The Werewolf of Grey Lake Inn

cover-werewolf of greylake innTitle: The Werewolf of Grey Lake Inn
Author: Megan Derr
Series: Paranormal Days #4
Genre: M/M Paranormal Romance
Length: Novella
Available: Dec 23rd


Astor is tired—tired of his family and the way they never listen to his advice, and tired of being in love with his agent, Tennyson, who after a one night stand made it clear he preferred to keep things professional. The only thing Astor’s not tired of is his job researching haunted inns and hotels to prove just how haunted they’re not.

His latest book is about a notorious inn in the middle of nowhere, and a haunting he suspects has more to do with real werewolves than fake ghosts. It will provide fodder for an excellent non-fiction book, the novel he’s secretly writing, and be so distracting he’ll finally be able to get over Tennyson.

Except when he arrives it’s to find that Tennyson is already there, with every intention of keeping Astor company through the holidays.

Note: This was originally published in the Bad Moon Rising anthology. It hasn’t changed significantly for the solo release.

Source: ARC from Less Than Three Press via NetGalley

I really liked this short paranormal read with a hint of Christmas and a touch of supernatural beings. It’s a quick, easy read with only the smallest hint of mystery and a cute little romance.

Astor is quite a grump. He’s an old vampire in charge of his family, but no one ever listens to him or wants him around much. He’s tired and fed up and in love with a man who doesn’t want him. He just wants to look after those under his care, but since no one ever pays him any heed, he gets short and pissy with them, which makes him less than popular.

I actually quite liked him, even if I did wish there’d been a little more background information on how old he actually was, how his type of vampirism worked (since he eats food too) and just more about him really.

Then there’s Tennyson, his agent who turned him down after a one night stand. Yet he shows up at the inn with a nonchalant air, puts up with all of Astor’s snarking and generally makes himself perfectly at home. They’re a cute couple, even when Astor is trying to drive the other guy away, and there’s a nice hum of sexual tension between the two of them.

Because this is so short, there isn’t a lot of development. There’s not even a lot of romance, since things happen, then this, then that, and suddenly – oh: The End. I’d have loved more of pretty much all of it, to be honest, since this story feels more like a snap shot of established characters than a complete standalone tale.

But all that aside, I still enjoyed it. The characters are fun, the setting is creepy with a side-order of cynicism and I raced through it. If you’re looking for something quick with a snarky vampire, a hint of second chances and a ghost-story-that’s-probably-a-werewolf kind of tale, then give this a try and you’ll hopefully enjoy it as much as I did.

The Werewolf of Grey Lake Inn is out December 23rd!
Visit Megan Derr for more details.


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