Review: Cowboy Take Me Away

cover-cowboy take me awayTitle: Cowboy Take Me Away
Author: Soraya Lane
Series: Texas Kings #2
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Length: Novel
Available: Dec 29th


The King brothers are three of the wealthiest, most hard-riding heartbreakers in the great state of Texas. And it takes a rare breed of woman to lasso one of their hearts…


As a veterinarian and single mother, Hope Walker knows how to handle most emergencies, inside and out. But when she shows up at the sprawling cattle ranch belonging to Chase King. Hope finds herself in a state of panic: How could Chase be even hotter after all these years? And why does Hope feel more attracted to him than ever?


Chase can’t believe that Hope – the gorgeous, brilliant woman who disappeared after one blazing night of passion – has walked back into his life. After all this time he still thinks of her as the one who got away . . . and he’s not about to lose her now. But is Hope ready to get back in the saddle and ride into the sunset with the cowboy of her dreams? Or will a long-buried secret rise to the surface – and tear the two reunited lovers apart?

Grumbly spoilers lie below.
You have been warned!

Source: ARC from St. Martin’s Press via NetGalley

On the whole I found this an okay second chance read, but I would have liked it a lot more if I hadn’t had so many problems with Hope’s behaviour. I could understand why she ran scared from Chase after their night together. She was his best friend at the time and had a front row seat of his manwhore years, so she panicked over ruining their friendship and legged it back home to Canada.

Fine, okay, that I can understand. It’s what follows that irritated me so much. Firstly, he tried to get back into contact with some text and emails – which she ignored. Because she didn’t want to seem desperate and needy and she’d rather he’d just gone after her. Without any encouragement from her, might I add. And she’s also twenty six, not sixteen. She often refers to herself as having been really young then, as if that will absolve her behaviour, except twenty six isn’t really young. She’s old enough to have known better.

Which brings us to the lie. The big baby lie. That whole thing baffled me. She was twenty six, her parents were both supportive and rich, and she didn’t find out until she was four months pregnant. At which point she hooks up with an old friend and marries him, planning to palm the baby off on him.

Why? Why did she do that? She had absolutely no need to marry anyone, and four months is a bit far along to be pretending to someone you’ve only just hooked up with again that it’s theirs. Especially when she’s supposed to be so very in love with Chase (and apparently in love with her husband too… really?). Her husband must have been really stupid. As for Hope, nope, sorry, her behaviour is atrocious. She should have just told Chase and sorted things out there and left the other guy out of it.

Then, to top it all off, she turns up in Texas with absolutely no plans to tell Chase the truth. Even when she sees him again she still doesn’t plan to tell him. Even when he and his whole family knows, she doesn’t want to tell their son that he’s his father.

I just could not get my head around this woman and why Chase would still be in love with her. It wasn’t just a communication breakdown between them, she was in major denial throughout even when she knew it would be better for her son to be a King.

Sadly, there was nothing else in the book that helped me get past Hope and all she did. Chase is an all right hero, but he didn’t bowl me over, his brothers were quite fun and I liked the way they’d organised their lives to be close yet separate. The storyline is a bit predictable, but I usually like this kind of book and am almost always on the woman’s side. Not this time. This time it just irritated me and stopped me enjoying the rest.

Sorry, this one didn’t work for me.

Cowboy Take Me Away is out December 29th.
Visit Soraya Lane for more details.


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