Review: The Exorcist Who Loved Me

cover-exorcist who loved meTitle: The Exorcist Who Loved Me
Author: Jennifer Savalli
Series: Must Love Ghosts #2
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Length: Novella
Available: Dec 29th


Digging up the truth could lead them to their graves.

Must Love Ghosts, Book 2

Hiring an exorcist is not something widowed single mom Holly Archer ever thought she’d do. But the blackouts she’s been having mean someone—or something—is hijacking her body and she wants it stopped, like yesterday.

The hottie who shows up at her door is the first man who’s sparked her interest since her awful marriage. It’s no hardship to give herself over to his skills, and in short order the spirit is ejected—and Holly comes face to face with Celia, the ghost of her dead husband’s mistress.

Lawe Callahan figured this would be an easy case, and by morning he’d be headed for another town, leaving Holly and her witchy amber eyes behind. Until she agrees to help the ghost, who refuses to budge until her killer is brought to justice.

As the investigation heats up, so does Lawe and Holly’s attraction. But their differences not only threaten any chance of something real, their quest for the truth could drive a killer to tie up all loose ends—permanently.

Warning: Contains a footloose exorcist who doesn’t let grave dirt stick to his feet for long, and a woman who isn’t in a hurry to commune with the dead. A little sleuthing, a little more gettin’ nekkid, and a lotta angst.

Source: ARC from Samhain Publishing via NetGalley

This series is fun, with a side order of sexy and a great big helping of paranormal interruptions. Holly’s just an ordinary woman trying her best to get on with her life following the humiliating death of her horrible husband. She has young twins to raise and an enormous house to rattle around in, the last thing she needs is to be possessed by a ghost – especially that of her dead husband’s mistress.

Luckily for Holly, along comes Lawe, the sexy exorcist to solve all her problems. Well, actually, all Lawe plans to do is get rid of the ghost and get out of town fast because he’s not the kind of guy to stand still for long. Except there’s something about Holly that keeps drawing him back, and since Celia’s ghost is still hanging about it would be unprofessional for him to leave just yet.

As I said, this is fun. Both Holly and Lawe are likeable characters, and even Celia has her good moments. The relationship that develops between her and Holly shouldn’t work, but some how completely does. As for the mystery surrounding her death and all that follows, well, it definitely helps keep things interesting. It was also nice to see Dec back from the last book (Must Love Ghosts) and to see the other side of the story that causes so much trouble between him and Tia in that book. The only thing I would have liked to have known a little more about was Lawe’s past, and I was surprised that Holly didn’t want to know more too.

If you’re looking for a light paranormal read with ghosts, a little heat, a touch of mystery and lots of fun moments, then give this a try. It’s short but enjoyable and I hope there will be more to come from this series soon.

The Exorcist Who Loved Me is out December 29th!
Visit Jennifer Savalli for more details.


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