Review: Jilted in January

cover-jilted in janTitle: Jilted in January
Author: Kate Pearce
Series: A Year Without a Duke #1
Genre: Regency Romance
Length: Novella
Available: Jan 25th


Rose Leyton is stuck at the Duke of Beckworth’s country estate waiting for the return of her betrothed. If it wasn’t for the handsome assistant land agent, Mr. Colin Ford, she might believe she had ceased to exist at all. But when her intended arrives things aren’t quite how she expected.

As the youngest son of an impoverished peer, Colin is all too aware of how it feels to be ignored. His impulsive offer to save Miss Leyton from an unwanted marriage quickly becomes more serious than either of them anticipated. Can they both step out of the shadows and find a way to true independence and happiness.

When matrimonial matters don’t go quite as planned, can one jilted bride and an unlikely hero save the day?

Source: ARC via NetGalley

This was a short and surprisingly delightful start to the A Year Without a Duke multi-author series. It’s well written with interesting characters and even though it didn’t take long to read, I rather enjoyed it.

Colin is the youngest son of an impoverished earl who has gone out into the world of work in order to keep himself fed. While Rose is a quiet companion waiting for her menfolk to return from war. They’re both decent, nice people who aren’t afraid of hard work – and to whom life isn’t always kind. I liked the way they worked so well together, and the way Colin was so quick to stand up for Rose when she really needed him. I also liked that Rose wasn’t a complete pushover, despite what everyone else might think of her.

Okay, because this is short certain things definitely happen a bit quickly, while other issues are left rather open ended – I certainly hope this isn’t the last we’ll hear of Colin’s predecessor, and I was also hoping for something more to happen to both her useless brother and horrible betrothed.

Overall, though, this is an enjoyable, intriguing start to this series and I look forward to seeing what the other authors do with their tales.

Jilted in January is out January 25th!
Visit Kate Pearce or A Year Without a Duke for more details.


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