Review: Fly Me Home

cover-fly me homeTitle: Fly Me Home
Author: Candi Wall
Series: Home is Where the Heat is #4
Genre: Red Hot Contemporary
Length: Novella
Available: Jan 26th


He needs her for one reason…but winds up wanting her for a hundred more.

Elizabeth McCarthy needs a scoop for her local newspaper, and the Fashion for the Future Ball is the perfect opportunity—until Murphy’s Law kicks in. But she’s saved from public humiliation by the last man she thought would notice her. Ultra-sexy fashion critic Ian Malcolm.

Ian is tired. Tired of playing games, tired of people letting him down. Elizabeth is a breath of fresh air he didn’t know he was missing. She even makes him laugh. On impulse, he makes her an enticing offer: she gets the story she needs, and he gets a sexy companion to keep the media vultures off his back.

It’s a business deal. Easy as pie. Yet as their association takes them around the world, Ian remembers what it’s like to experience everything for the first time—and fills Elizabeth’s neglected bag of sexual tricks to the brim.

Once the whirlwind trip is over, though, they’re left with one unexpected hunger left unsatisfied—the hunger for something more lasting than lust.

Warning: Contains a sweet country girl steeped in small-town values, and a big-city man who doesn’t hesitate to guide her through his bisexual and ménage-a-licious world of sinful pleasures.

Source: ARC from Samhain Publishing via NetGalley

This short and seriously sexy read features that rare kind of hero – a bisexual one, and convincingly so. I’ll admit I was a little surprised when I first read the blurb and found out Ian was the hero here, because in his previous appearance in this series he was definitely portrayed as gay, but this book does an excellent job of correcting me.

True, it’s only a novella so the action moves swiftly. One moment the reserved Liz feels safe to be attracted to Ian because she thinks he’s gay and so isn’t interested in her, the next he corrects her and all bets are off. And pretty much continue to be so for the rest of the book. It all happens pretty quickly, especially since the only reason Liz felt able to travel around the world with a complete stranger was because she thought he was gay. Any supposed reserve swiftly falls away, and yet it somehow works.

However, I didn’t always like Liz that much. I couldn’t quite work out what it was she wanted to do with her life. There was talk of wanting to be a veterinarian, yet she’s working as a journalist – well, supposedly since she doesn’t actually do any work in this book. I couldn’t quite grasp whether that was a temporary thing until she could do what she wanted, or if she was making the best of what she could get. She’s also massively judgemental about how Ian does his job. He’s a critic, he’s supposed to critique, and he’s highly successful at it. People want to know his real thoughts, yet she thinks he should only be nice to people in an industry notorious for its competitive edge. It also didn’t mesh too well with how practical she is towards the end. I couldn’t quite work her out, but I did like how she threw herself into her relationship with Ian.

As for Ian, he was interesting – wonderfully uninhibited, yet caring, even as he tried to keep people at a distance. Overall I did like him, though I never quite fell in love with him. However, I did like how he treated Liz and peeled away her reserve, teaching her not to be afraid of her fantasies and to ask for what she wanted. The ménage scene was super hot, and I loved how it wasn’t just a sexy scene but one of friendship and choice, helping to further develop their relationship.

So overall I enjoyed this. The romance is sexy and sensual with a touch or two of sweetness. Yes, things definitely start a bit fast, but if you’re looking for something swift and hot to pass the time, then this definitely delivers.

Fly Me Home is out January 26th!
Visit Candi Wall for more details.


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