Review: Mistaken

cover-mistakenTitle: MisTaken
Author: Laurelin McGee
Series: Miss Match #1.5
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Length: Novella
Available: Feb 2nd


Previously published in the anthology, Hot Alphas, MisTaken is now available as a standalone novella!

Jaylene Kim is an independent woman who’s never had a man tell her what to do. But when her smolderingly hot and mysterious neighbor introduces her to a few new rules in the bedroom, Jaylene must learn to relinquish control…if she is to run wild with passion…

Source: ARC from St. Martin’s Press via NetGalley

Jaylene Kim was a pretty memorable character from when I read Miss Match, short though her appearance was. This novella starts at the aftermath of her scene there, recapping her terrible date with that book’s hero. The only thing is, the strong woman I found so amusing and admirable from that story is no longer all that funny.

Instead she’s superior and judgemental and has a habit of taking things just because they’re in front of her (food, napkins, books). Her opinions are strong and extremely firmly stated and she’s presented as the type of feminist who believes equality for women means all women should be like she is – a well educated woman who sneers at those who make different choices to the ones she has. She’s not a man hater, though. No, she likes pretty men and wants them in her life. Instead it seems to be other women that she doesn’t like much, or at least thinks really badly of if they don’t meet her ridiculously high standards.

Noah is the complete opposite. He’s a bit shy, kind of cute and not big on interacting with people. I thought he was adorable. Well, sometimes. Because Noah’s a bit weird. Not a weirdo, I mean his whole character is weirdly disjointed. One moment he’s thinking about how bad he is with people and wants Jaylene to leave, then he never wants her to go, except he saves all his people skills for his job – implying that he spends time with other people a lot, except he’s more of a recluse who doesn’t give interviews and tries to stay out of the limelight. As for the sudden appearance of his D/s preferences… that came out of nowhere and really didn’t fit with anything else about his character.

In fact the whole D/s stuff didn’t work for me. Noah is never convincing as a Dom, while Jaylene isn’t the least bit submissive. I also really hated that Jaylene knows nothing about him, yet apparently trusts him implicitly in bed, until she remembers he’s never actually told her what his job is. The sexual side of their relationship just feels completely false, shoving Noah into an alpha role that he isn’t fit for. As for all the mystery around his completely obvious job, while I could get that Jaylene wouldn’t make the leap because such an idea would never occur to her, the way that Noah’s POV tries to keep it a secret from the reader throughout is just ridiculous.

The one thing that moderately redeems this book for me – Lacy. She’s amazing. I love the way she stood up to Jaylene and confronted her judgemental attitude head on, defending all the readers that Jaylene’s earlier rants had attacked. She restored my faith in this writing team and I can’t wait to read her story. As for this one – sorry, it didn’t work for me.

MisTaken is out February 2nd.
Visit Laurelin McGee for more details.


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