Review: Shaw (Hell Squad)

cover-shawTitle: Shaw
Author: Anna Hackett
Series: Hell Squad #7
Genre: Sci-Fi Action Romance
Length: Short novel
Available: Now


Hell Squad sniper Shaw Baird is a man on a mission. His squad is his family and now the invading aliens have done the unforgivable…taken one of his team. Claudia Frost—soldier, friend, and all-round badass—is running on borrowed time. Shaw has vowed to bring her home, whatever it takes…and he’s only just realizing now she’s been taken that Claudia is a vital piece of him.

Claudia Frost is surviving…barely. Kept in chains, made to fight for the aliens’ enjoyment, she can’t survive much longer. But she knows her squad is coming for her…knows Shaw is coming. Only thoughts of the sexy, charming sniper get her through the hell, and for the first time in forever, she wishes she hadn’t let the wounds of her past stop her from taking a taste of the man who is her friend, her sanity and her secret obsession.

But rescuing Claudia is only the first dangerous step. The alien keeping Claudia prisoner is far more intelligent, far more patient and a hell of a lot deadlier than any they’ve faced before. Not only is he hunting their band of human survivors through the forests of the Blue Mountains, but he wants Claudia. And he’ll let nothing get in his way.

Source: ARC from the author

Ever since the first outing of the Hell Squad I’ve been curious about the relationship between the sniper and the squad’s only female member. They snipe and spar with each other at every opportunity, but their chemistry has always been potent. Now, finally, seven books in, we get their story.

And what a story! After the destructive events at the end of the last book (Noah), Claudia was taken prisoner by the reptilian aliens, the Gizzida. While it was always obvious that Hell Squad would do everything to get her back, life for the Blue Mountain base survivors just keeps getting more and more complicated. Especially when the aliens don’t want to give their newest toy back.

I always knew Claudia was a strong woman, but she proves it again here with how she survives in captivity. Her spirit is strong and her faith in her squad definitely helps her out a lot, which is why her emotional issues came as a bit of a surprise. True, Shaw has always been a total manwhore and you could understand why few people would want to get seriously involved with him, but after everything the pair of them go through, there were times when I just wanted to scream at her to take a chance. Yes, she has emotional scars from her past, but come on, Claudia, aliens have invaded and people’s life expectancy is now measure in months if they’re lucky. Go get him!

As for Shaw, well, the friendly, laughing sniper reveals a sterner side in this book. Not least because of his determination to bring Claudia home. He has his own problems too, dealing with his past and his belief that he will let down any woman he loves. But he’s still flirty and gorgeous and totally hot, and I loved how he kept trying with Claudia even after she turns him away and hurts him. Both of them are so much more than they present to the world, and together they are amazing.

But this is an Anna Hackett book, so of course they’re amazing. A well matched couple who compliment each other’s strengths and soothe over the weaknesses. The romance is both sweet and scorching – and there’s plenty of adventure to go with the heat. There are a few new characters too, including Tane, the leader of Squad Three, the Berserkers. He. Is. Awesome! I cannot wait to learn more about him and his crazy guys.

The overarching series plot advances in small stages this time, thanks to the Blue Mountain survivors being on the road. The aliens keep coming up with new and unsettling things, while the humans keep on keeping on, because that’s what humans do when their backs are against the wall. Big things are clearly coming, and I can’t wait to see how things fall. Fans of the series, grab this one now, because not only does it not disappoint, but this series just keeps getting better. Bring on the General!

Shaw (Hell Squad) is Out Now!
Visit Anna Hackett for more details.


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