Review: Seduced in September

cover-seduced in septTitle: Seduced in September
Author: Genevieve Turner
Series: A Year Without a Duke #3
Genre: Regency Romance
Length: Novella
Available: Feb 1st


Adele Vere is the model of a perfect English governess: docile, good-tempered, and well principled. She’s worked her entire life to keep others from knowing the truth—it’s all a façade. If her origins were discovered, she’d fall too far to ever recover.

No one is more dangerous to her than Edward Coyne, the roguish stable master tasked with her riding lessons. His knowing gaze and bold touches make her suspect that he sees through her lies. When Mr. Coyne surprises her with an audacious offer, she must choose: remain safely behind the walls she’s erected… or dare the fall she so fears in her reach for love.

Source: ARC via NetGalley

This quick, delightful read is my favourite of the A Year Without a Duke series so far. Adele is a prim and proper governess, stoically attending her daily riding lessons despite her dislike of horses, while Edward is the taciturn stable master who is teaching her. On the surface this might seem like an opposites attract tale of love below stairs, but in truth is more one of suppressed longing, stolen touches and a free-spirited woman held back by her past.

Adele is determined to maintain her poise at all times and guard her reputation, while Edward is equally determined to tempt her true self to emerge. They’re a passionate pairing, when all the politeness is put to one side, and I really enjoyed seeing their relationship progress. Even if I do have my doubts about her Regency riding lessons taking place over trotting polls.

Like the rest of the series this is a very short read, but I found the romance really satisfying. I think because these two have a history – even if it is only one of stolen touches and lustful dreams – nothing between them felt too rushed. The overall pace was really good, with a couple of interesting, well developed characters and I liked it a lot. Having said that, the ending is pretty open ended thanks to the missing duke, so I hope some of the loose ends will get tidied up when he does finally arrive. That aside, though, this is a great addition to a fine series. I can’t wait to read the next one.

Seduced in September is out February 1st!
Visit Genevieve Turner or A Year Without A Duke for more details.


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