Review: Homesick at Space Camp

cover-homesick at space campTitle: Homesick at Space Camp
Author: Francis Gideon
Series: – –
Genre: M/M Sci-Fi Romance
Length: Novella
Available: Feb 24th


The planet Zaffre is known for two things: blue sand deserts and the fact it’s number one in robots mechanics and AI software development. Eastyn Ptolemy, a human worker from Earth, patrols Zaffre’s main loading docks during his night shifts. Ever since coming to Zaffre with his sister, Genna, his life has been easier–but also far too quiet.

To break up the monotony on one of his shifts, Eastyn listens to the local radio station where DJ Milo does all-night requests. After many late nights spent with Milo on the phone, Eastyn realizes he is actually Milo Struthers, former guitarist and backing vocalist of the band Lightning Years. Only now, after a bad accident, Milo has been reduced to a sophisticated AI that runs the radio station, struggling for a proper body and autonomy…

Source: ARC from Less Than Three Press via NetGalley

This is a cute little sci-fi read where a love of music leads to romance. I found it easy and enjoyable and really liked the use of music throughout and how Milo’s AI status is never an impediment to Eastyn’s feelings. I especially liked the conversation about different sexualities, including pansexual, and how easy and accepting everyone was.

However, apart from the blue sand, I never got any kind of sense of Zaffre as a planet. Eastyn doesn’t really go outside or have a life beyond work, which for me lessened the sci-fi feel. Especially as his interactions with Milo are predominantly over the phone – which did make it easier to believe he could fall in love with just a voice, but added to the a light sci-fi feel despite all the talk of futuristic tech.

I also didn’t really connect with the characters. I enjoyed the story and wanted things to work out for Milo and Eastyn, but more because I liked the idea of the romance than because I liked them particularly. Eastyn’s nice, but I did find him a little lacking in substance and a touch forgettable. In a longer novel this might have become an issue for me, but this is short enough that I let the story carry me along regardless.

If you’re looking for a sci-fi romance that is easy and enjoyable, then give this a go. It’s neither too detailed nor too deep, but it is sweet and quick for when you want a hint of the future without the grimdark grit.

Homesick at Space Camp is out February 24th!
Visit Francis Gideon for more details.


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