Review: The Last Immortal

cover-the last immortalTitle: The Last Immortal
Author: Alex Marlowe
Series: The Last Immortal #1
Genre: Teen/MG Gothic Adventure
Age: 11+
Length: Novel
Available: Now


Gothic action-adventure transported to twenty-first-century London

The first installment of a brand new adventure series, The Last Immortal combines the action of Percy Jackson with the mystery-solving of Sherlock, and a superhero cast reminiscent of The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen.

In Victorian London, 13-year-old Luke dreams of joining the Immortals, a supernatural crime-fighting squad, founded by his father, the infamous Victor Frankenstein. But when Luke secretly follows the Immortals on a mission against the resurrected Dark Pharaoh Sanakhte, he is killed.

Luke is preserved for 160 years before he is reanimated in the modern day by his childhood friend Evelyn and her father, Jonathan Harker—both vampires. His reconstructed body is fitted with cybernetic upgrades that make him an incredible athlete and fighter. And he’ll need them, because Sanakhte and his followers have returned.

Now Luke and his friends must reunite the scattered Immortals: Raziel, a living gargoyle; Aurora Cage, a werewolf bounty hunter; and Dodger, a Victorian pickpocket cursed with eternal life. But to destroy the Dark Pharaoh, Luke must first uncover a terrible secret hidden in his past . . .

Source: Review copy from Little, Brown Kids via Amazon Vine

Do you like your heroes to have a touch of the supernatural and a hint of Victorian manners, but also like a familiar setting with lots of gadgets and fighting? Well, this book is for you. Mixing a Victorian bunch of supernatural crime-fighters with modern day London, this story is a fast, action-packed adventure that gleefully blends modern technology with ancient mythology and throws in a bit of horror along the way.

Luke is an average teenage boy who happens to have an extraordinary father with a handful of supernatural friends. It’s not surprising that Luke wants to help, since he’s obsessed with the Immortals’ adventures. But when things go horribly wrong, everything changes for Luke – and he wakes up 160 years later. However, once the initial shock wears off, Luke proves himself to be a gutsy, capable kid who revels in his new powers, even if he struggles with his new temper. Not that I blamed him for losing his temper with Evelyn a time or two, since she did deserve it.

I enjoyed the early scenes of Luke trying to adjust to the new world he’s been thrust into. There’s some talk of loss and change, but mostly he gets on with things, learning about his new body and adjusting to his new skills. Throughout it all, Jonathan and Evelyn Harker are there to help and guide him. Well, Jonathan is mostly supportive while Evelyn is pushy and a little bit unkind at times, but when she’s not being prickly and Luke isn’t angry, they do work well together.

Alongside Luke and the Harkers, the team of Immortals is an interesting bunch. Gargoyle Raziel is my favourite, but I quite liked werewolf Aurora too, while Dodger provides plenty of fun. There’s a nice mix of strengths and weakness across the group, and I found them fun to read about.

The action comes thick and fast throughout as the heroes battle against the Dark Pharaoh’s creepy minions. It’s all nicely Gothic, with lots of sneaking around, rainy dark nights, suspicious shadows and enemies who won’t stay dead. It’s exciting and a bit scary, with a little bit of investigative work and a few important secrets, all of which combine to make this a gripping read.

Perfect for fans of Sherlock Holmes and superheroes, this book is mainly aimed at boys but with a few well-written female characters to give girls something to cheer for. If you like your books mysterious and exciting, then give this a go – or if you know of a young reader with a taste for Gothic adventures, then point them towards this. It’s a promising start to this series – I look forward to seeing where the Immortals’ adventures take them next.

The Last Immortal is Out Now!
Visit Alex Marlowe for more details.


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