Review: The Seaside Puppy

cover-seaside puppyTitle: The Seaside Puppy
Author: Holly Webb
Illustrator: Sophy Williams
Genre: Children’s Fiction
Age Range: 7+
Available: April 7th


A rowdy family comes to stay at the holiday cottages where Laura’s mum works. Laura notices that they are always leaving their puppy behind and so she offers to take it for walks. But when the family is forced to leave, Laura finds herself having to say goodbye to the little dog much sooner than she thought…

A heart-warming read from best-selling author Holly Webb, perfect for fans of Magic Animal Friends and Animal Ark.

Source: ARC from Little Tiger Group via NetGalley

This is a lovely little tale about a caring, dog-loving girl and an adorable puppy in desperate need of a friend. Short and easy to read, with some cute illustrations, it would be perfect for young animal lovers.

Laura is friendly and responsible and longs for the company of a dog to take on walks. So when a party of teenagers comes to stay at the holiday cottage next to Laura’s house, she is delighted to find that they have a puppy – and that the owner would like her to look after it. Poor little Henry isn’t quite so pleased. He’s small and nervous and hates loud noises. But when Laura is around he feels safe.

Henry is incredibly sweet and I really felt for the poor thing in this book, which made it doubly good when Laura was there to look after him. The book does a good job of showing how to be a responsible dog owner (and how not to be) without being too stern.

It’s a sweet story in true Holly Webb style, telling both Laura’s and Henry’s side of things. Young dog lovers should thoroughly enjoy it – and a few adults too.

The Seaside Puppy is out April 7th!
Visit Holly Webb for more details.


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