Review: Suddenly in Love

cover-suddenly in loveTitle: Suddenly in Love
Author: Julia London
Series: Lake Haven #1
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Length: Novel
Available: Now


Mia Lassiter is thrilled to finally put her artistic skills to use working for her aunt’s interior design shop in her hometown of East Beach. While renovating an old mansion overlooking stunning Lake Haven, she encounters a scruffy but attractive man named Brennan—the owner’s son. She doesn’t realize this sexy recluse is actually Everett Alden, the world-famous rock star in hiding who’s nursing his own artistic and personal crises.

As their personalities clash, tension simmers between the struggling artist and jaded musician, and their time spent alone together in the gorgeous old house only serves to turn up the heat. Soon, Mia and Brennan’s creative passions boil over to inspire passions of another kind…

But reality comes crashing in when Mia’s celeb-obsessed cousin discovers Brennan’s true identity—and reveals it to the world. As paparazzi swarm the mansion, Brennan is thrust back into his rock star lifestyle. Will Mia lose her soul mate just when she’s finally found him? Can their love survive the glaring spotlight?

Source: ARC from Montlake Romance via NetGalley

I really enjoyed this slow-moving romance about two artists feeling down on their luck and missing their creativity, even if they are coming at it from opposite sides. Mia feels like a failure, having tried to make it big in New York as an artist, but in the end she had to come back home to live with her parents and work in her aunt’s interior design business. She loves painting, she loves art, but as much as it hurts she’s trying to come to terms with the fact that she might not be good enough. Still, she quirky and off-beat and determined not to let people change her. Just because she didn’t succeed, doesn’t mean she has to be normal, right?

Brennan is a hugely successful rock star, but the pressure is getting to him. Actually, he’s depressed, even if he won’t acknowledge it. He’s lethargic and bone weary and he can’t write songs, and even if he could, what would be the point since his band is heading in a direction he doesn’t want to go? He’s lost his spark, so he’s now hiding out in his mother’s new house while he tries to sort his head out. What he gets instead is Mia, who’s there to redesign the house, and who couldn’t be less impressed with the rude, slobby jerk who keeps jumping out at her to ruin her day.

I loved these two. I loved that Mia was different and proud to be so. She isn’t obnoxious about it or thrusting it in people’s faces, she just dresses differently. Yeah, it can cause problems, but it shouldn’t and I loved that she stuck to her guns with that. As for Brennan, his depression (though never stated in so many words) read as painfully familiar and I appreciated the nuances of it, even if he did seem to recover a bit quick once he settled himself down. I especially loved how these two were together, not the least bit friendly at first, but slowly realising how much they had in common and how much they had to offer each other. They fit perfectly, and even if it was a slow progression from dislike to love, I thoroughly enjoyed the journey.

Of course, because he is hiding a big secret, there are trials and tribulations ahead of them, even if it takes quite a while for them to arrive. I have to say it felt unnecessarily tricky in some ways and a touch too easy in others, but the overall feel of this book was one of well-written characters leading me on a journey I couldn’t resist following. It’s easy and undemanding and interesting and I really enjoyed it. Julia London is one of those author’s that I always know I’m going to enjoy, regardless of time period, and I look forward to seeing where this series heads next.

Suddenly in Love is Out Now!
Visit Julia London for more details.


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