Review: The Summer We Danced

cover-summer we dancedTitle: The Summer We Danced
Author: Fiona Harper
Series: – –
Genre: Contemporary Romance/Woman’s Fiction
Length: Novel
Available: Now


After a humiliating divorce and watching her former rock star husband leave her for a model live on reality TV, Pippa is determined to disappear. So she returns to the small Kent village where she grew up to make a fresh start.

Little did she know that would mean saving her beloved childhood dance school or falling for her old school crush Tom too!

Source: ARC from Mira (Harlequin UK) via email

This book is just one big warm and fuzzy cuddle of nostalgia. It has old Hollywood musicals, old friends, an old home and the teenage crush that got away. Yet it looks forward to, encouraging all involved to move on to a new life of maybe not bigger but certainly better things. It’s charming and fun and packed with lovely feelings that I enjoyed from start to finish – and every time I had to put it down I was left humming Top Hat and Cheek to Cheek for hours.

I really liked Pippa. Even though she’s freshly divorced and back living alone in her childhood home, heavier than she’s ever been and with an unhealthy relationship with party food, she knows it’s time to turn things around and prove that there’s life after divorce. Of course knowing that and actually doing it are two separate things, but I liked how once she found a goal (organising Miss Mimi’s) there was no stopping her. She’s friendly and kind and capable, and even if life has dealt her a few knocks here and there, she’s very good at picking herself up again. I also really liked that her food issues don’t just magically disappear, and also how she gradually realised she was angry about what had happened with her ex and that she had every right to feel so.

But that side of Pippa is only part of the story, because there’s also her developing friendship with Tom – and even more importantly, her one with Miss Mimi and the dance school. I didn’t take dance classes as a child, but this book left me feeling all warm and fuzzy as if I was reminiscing about a time that never was. Pippa’s memories and emotions towards dancing (and Tom) are so strong that I got thoroughly swept up in the magic of it all.

Because that’s what this book does, it sweeps you up into a place of friendship and comfort and nostalgia, with a little bit of romance, a fair few laughs and a few little heartaches along the way. If you love dance, then you’ll understand Pippa’s feelings, and even if you don’t, I defy you not to at least look up Cheek to Cheek on YouTube when you’re done. Wonderful and feel-good, I loved all the trials and triumphs of this tale, and it’s the sort I could read and enjoy again and again.

The Summer We Danced is Out Now!
Visit Fiona Harper for more details.


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