Review: Dragons Among Them

cover-dragons among themTitle: Dragons Among Them
Author: Kyra Jacobs
Series: Kingdoms of Fire and Ice #1
Genre: Fantasy Romance
Length: Novel
Available: April 19th


Two secret worlds. One unstoppable passion. A fiery secret that could destroy them all.

Prince Zayne Godfrey, heir to Edana’s throne, is betrothed to the lone princess of rival kingdom Forath. While his heart is not in the arranged marriage, he will do his royal duty.

When he finds a beautiful stranger cornered by a pack of wolves, he doesn’t hesitate to shift into his golden dragon form to save her. She thanks him by taking one look at him and fainting dead away.

Photographer Adelaide Miller is in England for a career-making shoot when a bizarre jogging mishap lands her in a dangerous, medieval-like world of royals, wizards and dragon-shifting men. Her first instinct is to find her way back, but the fire-breathing prince intent on protecting her threatens to melt her heart.

Zayne’s burning passion for Adelaide not only jeopardizes the fragile peace between two kingdoms, it uncovers a ruthless plot to destroy his family. Remaining together may change Adelaide’s very definition of home—and expose one searing secret that could forever shift the balance of power in Zayne’s world.

Source: ARC from Samhain Publishing via NetGalley

I don’t really have much to say about this book. Addie is stunningly beautiful and kind of boring, focused only on getting home despite not having anything to return for, while Zayne is a selfish, spoiled brat who has clearly lived his life only for himself up until this point, and plans to keep doing so regardless of anything else in the future. Yes, yes, one true love and all that, but Zayne is a crown prince supposedly marrying to save his people from war, except he keeps putting off the marriage and is well known for abducting maidens from the woods. He has form, and it’s not particularly impressive. Sure, his fiancée is evil, but Zayne doesn’t know that, he’s just being a brat.

And that really is all this book is about. Zayne waffling around, trying to avoid his marriage, Addie demanding to go home while pondering on how hot Zayne is, Zayne’s mother meddling behind the scenes while his father keeps threatening to lock him in a dungeon, a mysterious wizard who has all the powers he wants, until he actually needs them, and the bad princess on the other side. There’s a lot of travelling around to essentially stay in the same place, some sex, and… not a lot else.

The romance is instant – and not particularly romantic – the world is plucked straight from the Medieval Fantasy Kingdom handbook and although there are dragons, the only one we really see is Zayne, who is shiny and gold and special. Of course he is.

If you’re looking for a light fantasy romance read that is pretty predictable, doesn’t delve too deep and is mostly about easy entertainment than real enjoyment, then give this a go. There are dragons, there is sex, there are some bad people and good people and mostly indifferent people. Overall I found it a bit dull, but judging by other reviews on Goodreads I’m in the minority.

Dragons Among Them is out April 19th.
Visit Kyra Jacobs for more details.


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