Review: His Royal Princess

cover-his royal princess
Title: His Royal Princess
Author: Jessica Clare
Series: Billionaire Boys Club #3.5
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Length: Novella
Available: April 19th


Their romance led to a royal wedding in Once Upon a Billionaire. Now see how it all began for Princess Alexandra of Bellissime and American actor Luke Houston in this novella from New York Times bestselling author Jessica Clare.

As heir to the throne of Bellissime, Princess Alexandra is supposed to be cool and calm…not crushing on a movie star. When she hears that Luke Houston is filming a scene for his next movie in her tiny country, however, she can’t resist sneaking onto set to get a glimpse of the Hollywood hunk.

When Alex is almost caught on set by the press, she ducks into the first available hiding place—only to find herself in Luke’s private trailer, and getting much more than just a glimpse of him. It’s an up close and personal encounter that sets her heart aflutter, and sets her mind on some very unladylike plans to get to know him better…

Source: ARC from the author via email

Despite not being the biggest fan of made-up European royalty or virgin heroines, this novella is surprisingly cute. Opposites attract in a big way between rising Hollywood star, Luke, and prim and proper princess, Alex, leading to a sweet little romance that takes a while to build considering how short this book is.

If you’re a fan of Jessica Clare, this is a little tamer than her usual stuff, though there is still a bit of sex. However, I enjoyed the slight change of style and found the whole thing sweet and fluffy and fun to read. Although I did get a bit twitchy over the use of Your Grace as Alex’s title, which to me signifies dukes and duchesses (or bishops and archbishops), whereas Your Highness is for princes/princesses, and since Alex is the heir, Your Royal Highness would have been more likely. Luckily, not everyone is as picky as me…

On the whole this is a sweet, quick read that has a little fun with Hollywood and is resolved in a neat, easy bow. There is a bit of heat, but there’s also a lot of space for the romance to build considering that this is only a novella. In all, adorable.

His Royal Princess is out April 19th!
Visit Jessica Clare for more details.


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