Review: Trusting Jake

cover-trusting jakeTitle: Trusting Jake
Author: Lauren Giordano
Series: Blueprint to Love #1
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Length: Short novel
Available: Now


Broken down at the side of the road, Jenna Stone’s life is like her car. In need of a jumpstart. Tired of playing by other people’s rules, the widowed single mom guards her new freedom by keeping her deadbeat husband alive . . . in name only. But meeting Jake Traynor makes her question the merits of lying. Will he break down the fortress around her heart?

Falling for a married woman was never in the blueprint. The definition of responsible son, workaholic executive Jackson Traynor is driven to prove his father right in promoting Jake to take over the family’s construction company. He’s all business. No pleasure. Until assisting a beautiful redhead with her broken down car reminds Jake what he wants.

What if the only person you want is the one you can never have? Battling their deepening attraction, Jake must question everything he’s ever believed- because Jen and her kids are the family he’s always dreamed of. Jenna must choose between a safe life and the one of her dreams. When Jake’s company is threatened, she will risk everything to protect him- even if it means exposing old secrets.

Source: Review copy via NetGalley

Although this is a mostly cute and enjoyable romance about a single mother restarting her life, and a workaholic in desperate need of a work-life balance check, it’s also a story about lies. Jen tells an awful lot of them in this book, and although I could definitely see why she started out with the big one about her husband, it was hard to see why she kept it going for so long and kept adding more.

On the whole, though, this book is adorable. Jen’s kids are a cute pair and the way they get along with Jake is just lovely (although the issue with the tree and the phone calls, they acted like complete brats there), as is his relationship with Jen. They want each other, but Jen is understandably wary of men after her jerk of a husband and the appalling treatment she received at her last job, while Jake thinks she’s still married. Be prepared for a lot of internal angst about their attraction, one or two languishing looks and some moments of sizzling chemistry. I absolutely loved how well the two of them worked together as a team, regardless of their attraction, and it was great seeing them all get closer.

Away from them and the central romance, though, I have to admit there were a few things that confused me. Such as why his mother is still called Mrs Traynor – didn’t she remarry after the divorce? And the details of what happened at Jen’s previous place of work shift about a bit – it was the boss, no a co-worker, no all her co-workers, no just one, no her boss, no all of them. It might have been nice if that was clearer – and also if we’d seen how she handled the scumbag once and for all.

So it’s not perfect, but at heart it’s a lovely romance with plenty of feel good moments, some cute kids, a lovely hero and a determined heroine. Yes, the lies went on a bit too long, but for the most part this was easy and enjoyable, with an added touch of heat. I’d definitely be interested in reading more about Jake’s family.

Trusting Jake is Out Now!
Visit Lauren Giordano for more details.


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