Review: Medusa’s Curse

cover-medusa's curseTitle: Medusa’s Curse
Author: A.J. Hunter
Series: Myth Raiders #1
Genre: MG Fantasy}
Age Range: 9+
Length: Short novel
Available: Now


Do you DARE gaze upon Medusa?

When geology-mad Sam goes to stay with her American cousin, Trey, neither of them have any idea what adventures they’re about to unleash. They bring together two pieces of The Heart of Light and – whoosh! – they’re thrown back into Ancient Greece, where angry harpies and satyrs live.

That’s not all – they’ve been set the challenge of saving the world from destruction. But first, they need to rescue an enchanted fragment of The Warrior’s Shield, protected by a deadly mythical creature. How will they survive a venomous encounter with Medusa…?

Source: Review copy from Little, Brown Books via Amazon Vine

This was disappointing. The story starts off right in the heart of the action, which is a little confusing but kind of exciting as Sam and Trey are fighting harpies in ancient Greece. Then the story goes back to what happened before the fight, then back several months, then forward a few, then finally back to where the first chapter finished, with the rest of the action taking place over less than a day. It’s all a bit too confusing for the start of a book, and after the fast action of the first few pages, it’s kind of boring too.

And that sums up this book. There are action bits and boring bits, and nowhere at any point does it bother to explain what’s actually happening. Sam and Trey are Chosen Ones for the Light, but they don’t ask any questions of the weird guy in the basement – or at least not the sort you’d expect, like why me? Nor are there reasons given for going back to these places or why the world is going to end in four days. It’s all just stated and accepted, then off to kill harpies!

Sam and Trey aren’t much fun either. We don’t really get to know much about either of them, except that Trey is the quiet cautious one, while Sam is impulsive and foolish and kind of annoying. I don’t know why the blurb mentions geology, because at no point does geology come up in this book – except maybe the weird Gondwana theory for how two pieces of the same artifact ended up on different continents, because the idea of them being there since the dinosaurs makes so much more sense than any other possible explanation. And even then it’s Trey that comes up with it, not Sam.

Overall, it’s short and very simple, has a few action sequences but is otherwise pretty boring and basic. There’s no mystery to intrigue more confident readers, and the beginning is definitely too confusing for less confident ones. The whole thing was a lot less fun or interesting than I expected.

Medusa’s Curse is Out Now.
Visit A.J. Hunter for more details.


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