Review: It’s In His Kiss

cover-it's in his kissTitle: It’s In His Kiss
Author: Eve Devon
Series: (King Family #3)
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Length: Short novel
Available: April 21st


Who do you turn to when things go wrong?

Your best friend. Obviously.

Sephy King’s worked flat-out to make her new lingerie business a success, only there’s a tiny snag – the marketing photos for the launch party are a disaster.

Luke Jackson will help her, won’t he? They just need to strip off, model gorgeous, sexy underwear together and take more photos! So what if the stunning body he’s been hiding makes Sephy’s eyes pop out? And when he holds her, she suddenly wishes they were in her bedroom…alone? He’s her best friend.

Then Luke asks Sephy for a return favour: to pose as his fake fiancée to get his parents temporarily off his back. It’s a risky strategy – but she’s sure she can pull it off.

Until he kisses her…

Source: ARC from HarperImpulse via NetGalley

For the most part this is a great read – fun and light, with some seriously sensual moments. It’s an easy and enjoyable read with some fun characters and a good friends-to-lovers plot, although there are times when Sephy’s refusal to allow anything more between her and Luke seem both baffling and annoying.

Although this is my first read from this author, and despite no obvious signs on the cover or in the blurb or on the author’s website, this book is clearly the third in this series dealing with the King family. There’s all kinds of family drama and secrets that are alluded to throughout that have shaped Sephy into the woman she is. I was able to make out most of what was going on, but I feel that if I’d read the others I might have understood Sephy’s motivations a little better. It would also have been really nice to have read that letter from her father.

On the surface she’s a woman on a mission. She’s a single mother on the verge of starting her own lingerie business. She’s smart, determined and seems to have it all together, even if the launch is stressing her out. I liked her, though she has some serious daddy issues, and I wished she’d stop holding Luke at arm’s length.

Ah, Luke. What’s not to love about this sexy geek who buys a little girl a Darth Vader costume, and then is happy to babysit her while she performs marriage after marriage of all her toys, while dressed in said outfit? (Darth Daisy is adorable and the best thing in this book.) He’s super supportive of Sephy too, even when she’s driving him crazy, and on the whole he’s a good man – if a little reticent when it comes to his past. The chemistry between him and Sephy… wow. I loved how much he believed in her. I just plain loved him. After Daisy, he was my favourite thing.

On the whole, I enjoyed this. It’s easy and fun, although latter scenes involving Sephy’s family made me really angry. I know I’m missing various things because I haven’t read the rest of the series, and it definitely gave Luke a chance to shine, but still they were so dismissive and, when added to Sephy’s constant pushing away of Luke, it maybe lessened my enjoyment a little bit. However, if you’re already a fan of this series or you love a good friends-to-lovers tale, then give this a go – Luke and Daisy are worth it. And I’ve been left just intrigued enough to consider checking out the other books some time soon.

It’s In His Kiss is out April 21st!
Visit Eve Devon for more details.


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