Review: Lost in Barbarian Space

cover-lost in barbarian spaceTitle: Lost in Barbarian Space
Author: Anna Hackett
Series: Phoenix Adventures #9
Genre: Sci-Fi Action Romance
Length: Short novel
Available: April 27th


Lost in Barbarian Space will be out in late April. It stars Colm Mal Kor (said stubborn warrior) the best friend and right-hand warrior to Kavon (from On a Barbarian World).

This is another clash-of-cultures story, our heroine is a smart, dangerous and intelligent security agent for the Institute of Historical Preservation.

[Full blurb to come when available]

Source: ARC from the author via email

I love this series. I love how versatile it can be, how it can go from hard hitting, emotional romance, to full on space romps and even sidestep into barbarian worlds with warlords who have really big swords. It’s the last two in that list that collide this time in a mostly stand-alone addition to the series. It’s a completely fun, space romp adventure between a barbarian warrior, who is the epitome of strength and control, and an independent woman who is used to being too strong for the men around her, so has got used to doing her own thing.

I adore these two. Colm is alpha without being an ass about it, while Honor is strong and confident and fully capable of dealing with this powerful but not-so-silent warrior, who seems to want just one thing from her. They’re a perfect pair, fascinated by each other, even if neither fits the image of what the other should be, nor wants to get involved. I loved how Colm respected and admired Honor’s strength, without having to change his protective nature, and I liked how Honor adapted to Colm’s strength and protection without losing anything of herself, while finding her own ways to protect him in return. They make an excellent team, especially when up against the odds, both physical and emotional.

The story itself is pure fun, returning to the isolated world of Markaria to search for a lost Earth/Terran ship. It also grants a brief glimpse of the amazing Nera Darc, Nik Phoenix and the ever fabulous Lala – not to mention Kavon and Aurina from the last book. But their roles are pretty minor, because this is definitely Colm and Honor’s adventure, which takes them up into space and down into cold, icy wastes, where danger waits in unexpected places.

This book is pure enjoyment from the start, and almost to the finish. I have to admit I wasn’t entirely happy with the way certain things went towards the end – it felt unnecessary and a touch cliché – but before that point the romance is great. It’s take charge and lusty, but also surprisingly sweet at times – like Colm himself.

So if you’re looking for a thoroughly enjoyable sci-fi read that has action, adventure, sexy times and a touch of deeper emotions, then give this a try. Even if you’ve never heard of the Phoenix Adventures before, there’s still plenty to enjoy here for newcomers and old fans alike. It’s another great addition to the series, reminding me yet again of why this author is one of my favourites.

Lost in Barbarian Space is out April 27th!
Visit Anna Hackett for more details.


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