Review: Strictly Yours

cover-strictly yoursTitle: Strictly Yours
Author: Sheryl Nantus
Series: Hooded Pleasures #3
Genre: BDSM Romance
Length: Novel
Available: May 3rd


He’ll risk everything for her safety—this time it’s personal.

Of all the subs Jennifer works with as a Domme-for-hire for Hooded Pleasures as“Danielle”, her favorite is Nathan Harrowsford, a sexy, tough—yet kind—beat cop with a desire to be dominated on his days off. Though she is responsible for creating a haven for his fantasies, it’s he who makes her feel safe.

Yet when she learns a violent piece of her past has been let out on parole, she hesitates to bring Nathan anywhere near her complicated world.Nathan doesn’t know anything about “Danielle”, not even her real name. But when she reluctantly asks for his help, he’s determined to move heaven and earth for her safety. Because he’s a cop, a man, and her submissive—in that order.

When danger hits too close to home, Nathan’s race to save her and the rest of her subs pushes him to the edge of his skills, and his feelings for his Domme. Because he’s no longer willing to settle for being just her client. He wants her for his full-time lover—if they live long enough.

Warning: Sexy cops who raise the heat—in the kitchen and out—and a man who’s not afraid to rise from his knees to guard his lover’s back.

Source: ARC from Samhain Publishing via NetGalley

I enjoyed this one. The D/s elements are really well done, especially the scenes between the two of them, and I loved how comfortable Nathan was with his desires, even if he needed to keep it a secret from everyone else. He’s a great character actually, protective and strong when necessary, submissive and obedient when required. I loved the way he took care of Jen in whatever way he could, even if it wasn’t always in the most obvious of ways.

I liked Jen too. She’s strong and independent, yet cares deeply for her subs. I liked how the relationship between her and Nathan developed, slowly letting him into her life and being strong enough to accept his help at times, taking things beyond their weekly appointment and into a more full time arrangement.

The more suspenseful side of the plot was nicely handled too. There is one exceedingly obvious suspect, but I liked how this didn’t blind them to all possibilities and how these possibilities are explored as more happens and the trouble grows closer. It stopped it from being too predictable and always left open the possibility that things are not as clear cut as they seem.

Okay, if I’m honest I would have liked a bit more conversation about the development of Jen and Nathan’s relationship, especially when concerning her other subs and how it made each of them feel. On the whole, though, I found this a sexy, enjoyable read with a purely positive D/s relationship, interesting characters and a plot that unfolded with heat and peril. Good stuff. I think I’ll be keeping out for more from this author, as well as checking out the rest of the series sometime.

Strictly Yours is out May 3rd!
Visit Sheryl Nantus for more details.


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