Review: Sleeping with the Opposition

cover-sleeping with the oppositionTitle: Sleeping with the Opposition
Author: J.K. Coi
Series: Bad Boy Bosses #3
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Length: Short novel
Available: May 2nd


Leo Markham has everything a man could want. Money. Power. Respect. But there’s only one thing he needs—Bria. The trouble is, she’s determined to move on, despite the breathtaking passion still between them. Sure, he’s made mistakes, but he’ll make her forgive him. He has to.

Shocked to find herself facing her devastatingly gorgeous ex as opposing counsel in the courtroom, Bria knows she can’t let Leo hurt her again. He’s the only man she’ll ever love, but he wasn’t there when she needed him most. She’s just going to have to learn to resist the pull of his lethal magnetism.

Leo is determined to win Bria back no matter what it takes. He isn’t about to lose the only woman who’s ever had his heart.

Source: ARC from Entangled: Indulgence via NetGalley

This book is about a marriage in crisis. The blurb is slightly misleading in that Leo isn’t quite Bria’s ex yet. They’re still married, still living in the same house even, but are mostly separated. At least in Bria’s head. Leo has been giving her time and space, hoping she will come back to him, but now it’s time to change. Bria wants it over, Leo wants to save their marriage. There’s a lot of hurt lying between them, but when they still love each other so much, surely the answer is simple.

Of course it isn’t! Where would be the romance in that?

I really enjoyed this book, even if it does tug on the emotions throughout. Leo is a man who believes he needs to be strong for those he loves, which includes keeping his pain inside so as not to be a burden. Bria is hurt and grieving and needs to know that Leo feels the same, which is the problem at the heart of all their troubles. The more Bria pushes at Leo, the stronger he feels he needs to be. They’re both a mess, but they’re also good people and I wanted them to find happiness, even when it seemed impossible that they could ever find some middle ground.

The tale ranges from courtrooms to backstreet boxing venues, via the boardroom and hospital, and certainly wasn’t the more light-hearted, second chance, office romance I thought I was getting – it was better. It’s emotional and thoughtful and explores how tragedy can change a marriage, even between two people still deeply in love. I found it an absorbing read from start to finish, and although it was my first read from this author, it definitely won’t be my last.

Sleeping with the Opposition is out May 2nd!
Visit J.K. Coi for more details


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