Review: The Secret of Her Success

cover-secret of her success.jpgTitle: The Secret of Her Success
Author: KJ Elison
Series: The Secret #1
Genre: Hot Contemporary
Length: Short novel
Available: Now


Becca Jameson is a successful romance novelist with a bad case of writer’s block. After missing a deadline, Becca is issued an ultimatum by her new editor. She must shed her pen name and reveal her true identity as part of the publicity campaign for her new book. Anxious to finish the novel, Becca is lucky that her stepsister owns a successful and sexy nightclub that might just hold the key to her inspiration.

Graham Crowne runs a top ad agency in Boston and attends the opening night at his client’s new nightclub merely out of professional support. The half-naked dancing girls are an added bonus, but Graham isn’t looking for a fling until he spots Becca.

An anonymous one-night stand provides Becca with the creative spark she needs but does little to relieve her anxiety over the upcoming PR campaign. When Becca grudgingly meets with her new publicist, she is surprised to find a familiar face sitting behind the desk. With Graham pushing the editor’s agenda, will Becca get over her undeniable attraction to him? Or will she be willing to mix business with pleasure to get the job done?

Source: Review copy from the author via email

If you prefer not to have too much sex or swearing in your romance, then this book probably isn’t for you. If, however, you like your reads hot and sexy, with a little bit of exhibitionism thrown in and a bit of a plot, you’ll probably enjoy this.

Things heat up pretty quickly with an encounter between Becca and Graham at the club. They know nothing about each other and both have plenty of other things on their minds, but the chemistry is scorching. Admittedly, the way the book then wanders off into a side plot about one of the club dancers and an overly violent woman almost lost me, but I stuck with it and was glad that I did.

This is fun. I really liked Graham and the way he was trying to drive the family business in a new direction to make his own mark on things. I liked Becca too, although her hang up about sex for research was a little confusing – I couldn’t quite work out why she was so reluctant to acknowledge the deeper feelings between her and Graham. I was also a little confused about how long her research-sex non-relationship with Kyle went on. But details, details.

Although there is a wider plot about writer’s block and PR stuff, this book is really about hot sex with some work/business scenes in between. It might have been nice to have found out why Liz Two was so nasty, and why uncovering Becca’s identity was so important, but she provides a nice mean excuse to keep shoving Becca and Graham into the same space together as they work through their feelings.

Away from these two, there are vague indications that plenty more is going on than we see – especially regarding a certain flirty dancer. Have to say I’m less keen to know about Graham’s brother and that evil doctor, because she’s just plain awful, but maybe she has her reasons and we’ll find out more about them one day…

For now, though, if you’re looking for a fun, sexy read that doesn’t get too bogged down in the details, then maybe give this a go. The characters are interesting enough, the plot is fairly light and there’s plenty of sex. Perfect brain candy for those days when you need an undemanding escape.

The Secret of Her Success is Out Now!
Visit KJ Elison for more details.


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