Review: Alpha Ever After

cover-alpha ever afterTitle: Alpha Ever After
Author: Jessica Sims
Series: Midnight Liaisons #5
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Length: Novel
Available: Now


Connor’s loved Savannah from the moment he laid eyes on her. She’s his mate, no matter what she says.

Savannah’s hated the Anderson pack ever since they kidnapped her. That fateful week had big consequences, though, and now she’s pregnant with Connor’s twins. He’s elated. She’s…less enthusiastic. She wants the babies but him? Not so much. He’s a bossy werewolf who thinks he can dictate what she does. She’s a were-cougar who won’t be pushed, especially not by a know-it-all wolf alpha.

So why is it every time that she tries to move on, he’s right there waiting for her? And why does she compare everyone else to a certain tall, dark wolf? Why does she crave Connor more than pickles and ice cream?

Source: ARC from the author

As a longterm fan of this series, I (like many other fans, I suspect) have been curious about Savannah and Connor’s story for a long time. It’s a tricky one, because on the one hand Connor has been portrayed as a pretty decent guy throughout the series, while Savannah at times comes across as kind of harsh on him. However, she’s allowed to be, given the whole kidnapping issue. It’s a messy situation and I was curious as to how it would all be solved.

I love Connor. I can’t help it. He’s a good guy, hampered at the beginning by being beta to a really nasty werewolf, trying his hardest to do his best by Savannah without being able to let her go. Unfortunately he’s also loved her since forever, so when she tells him the mating heat is hurting her, well, he’s just trying to help… Ish. Okay, I’ll admit I still find it a bit hard to reconcile the lovely Connor with the circumstances around the mating heat. There are not a lot of choices being thrown around, unless they’re horrible ones. The closest I can get is by thinking that Connor was driven as much by hormones as Savannah was, so he’s not entirely in control either. It’s not perfect, but it’s about as good as I can think it.

As for Savannah… I don’t like her as much as I like Connor, and there are times when she acts pretty childishly just for the hell of it. But she definitely has a point with the way Connor bosses her about, especially as she isn’t one of his wolves. There is a definite culture class between the two of them and the different ways cougars and wolves think and live their lives. I really liked how subtly these were portrayed, to the point where they both struggle at times to understand where the other one is coming from. They’re so opposed in many ways that I frequently wondered how this could possibly be resolved happily.

Thank goodness for Connor. He tries so hard. He’s sweet and strong and giving and so happy about the babies. He’s got plenty of his own troubles going on, yet all he really wants is Savannah and the babies. Once he sorts his head out a bit, I loved how their relationship progresses, especially the way he makes her feel beautiful and does all he can to help her. Despite their bad beginning, they somehow manage to make it all really adorable in a way I could believe, given the shifter instincts and hormones involved.

Away from these two, there are plenty of hints and glimpses of the other characters in the series, yet if you’re new to all of this, I think the important points are explained well enough to stop you getting too lost. As someone already a fan of this series, I enjoyed seeing so many of the others again as well as finally getting some answers about Connor and Savannah’s relationship.

If you’re looking for a complicated shifter read with some fiery heat, plenty of funny moments and a surprisingly sweet romance given its beginnings, then give this a go. I thoroughly enjoyed it and thought it was a fitting resolution to this long-running storyline. Overall, a good addition to the series – I look forward to where everything heads next, especially as those Primordials seem primed to take a starring role.

Alpha Ever After is Out Now!
Visit Jessica Sims for more details.


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