Review: Sky Hawk

cover-sky hawk
Title: Sky Hawk
Author: Gill Lewis
Series: – –
Genre: Children’s Fiction
Age Range: 9+
Available: Now


When Callum and his friends find Iona on Callum’s farm they try to chase her back into the village. But Iona runs from them up into the hills. It is late and dark and snow lies in the mountain gullies. Worried for Iona’s safety, Callum follows to find her shivering with cold but refusing to leave. She is guarding a secret hidden in the forest above the dark waters of the loch. So they make a deal. Iona shares the secret and in return Callum allows her back onto the farm.

They form a deep bond of friendship and make a promise to keep their secret safe. It is a promise that will change Callum’s world forever . . .

She turned her head, and fixed me with her brilliant yellow eyes. She looked right into me. And suddenly I knew then, in that one moment, I was as much part of her world as she was of mine.

Soar above the clouds in this enthralling tale of friendship, loyalty, and hope.

Source: Bought it

I really love Gill Lewis’ animal tales and they are just the sort of thing I would have devoured and read over and over again as a child. Not only do they always have wonderful animals told in natural ways, they also have a full appreciation for landscape, not to mention the people who live in them, the troubles they face and the friendships that form.

In this case, Callum is a pretty ordinary kid, hanging out on his family farm with his friends, riding his bike and not thinking about much. Until he stumbles across Iona. She is not a normal girl, in fact her life is full of trouble, whether its her aging grandfather or the mother who seems to have abandoned her in favour of a life in the city. Iona is an outsider, shunned by all the other kids, but she has a secret, one which she shares with Callum as their unlikely friendship forms.

If you look at the cover, it’s no secret that ospreys are the sky hawk of the title. I loved how Iris’ life is woven through the pages, how Callum tracks her migration to Africa and the things that evolve out of that. This is a book that’s about more than ospreys, more than Scotland and more than friendship. It’s absorbing and heartbreaking and yet hopeful too. It’s a wonderful read, for adults as well as children, and a fine example of Lewis’ skill.

If you have a child in your life who loves animals and the great outdoors – or are partial to them yourself – then give this a try. For a first book it’s amazingly well done, though I think Moon Bear, Scarlet Ibis and Gorilla Dawn are even better. Still, if you’re looking for an animal-themed read that ventures into conservation and the world beyond the immediate setting, then definitely give Gill Lewis a try. Her books are wonderful, for adults as well as children.

 Sky Hawk is Out Now!
Visit Gill Lewis for more details.


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