Review: Uncharted

cover-unchartedTitle: Uncharted
Author: Anna Hackett
Series: Treasure Hunter Security #2
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Length: Short novel
Available: Now


One former Navy SEAL. One adventurous photographer. One lost jungle temple.

Former Navy SEAL Callum Ward has one motto—live life to the fullest. He saw the worst of war and lost good friends, but now he works for Treasure Hunter Security. When he’s not providing security for archeological digs and invaluable museum exhibits, or off on daring treasure hunts, he’s rock climbing, racing, or skiing. Nothing—and no one—has ever tempted him to slow down…until on an expedition into the Cambodian jungle, he has to work with one opinionated, prickly photographer, Dani Navarro. But soon their straight-forward trek to find a lost temple turns deadly, and Cal and Dani find themselves under attack from a dangerous black-market antiquities ring prepared to kill.

Dani Navarro lives for her photography. For years, it’s been her escape from her family and their frivolous lifestyle, affairs, and dramas. With her camera in hand, she travels the world, capturing other people’s moments and avoiding messy entanglements. At first, she thinks Cal Ward is no different from all the other men she’s known, but as their expedition turns into a hazardous dash through uncharted jungle, she uncovers a tough, intelligent, and sexy protector. Together, they must outwit their pursuers and find not only a lost temple…but a priceless, powerful artifact.

Source: ARC from the author via email

Treasure Hunter Security is back, and this time it’s a jungle out there! Much though I enjoyed the first installment of this series, it was kind of vague about how the hero and heroine stumbled across the clues to the lost temple (something to do with the sandstorm), but this time around it’s pure scholarship and brains (and luck). I also absolutely loved traipsing around the Cambodian jungle – a place I always wish I knew more about. My inner history geek was very happy about this.

Cal is just the kind of hero I’ve come to expect in this setting. He’s gorgeous and strong and protective, but not so keen on lasting relationships. He’s delicious to look at, but everything Dani doesn’t want in a man. She’s strong and capable too, with a real talent for photography and a passion for her art. I liked how she and Cal sparked off each other right from the start. They have great chemistry.

However, if I’m honest, I was surprised by just how much noise the pair of them were making despite being in a tricky situation, and there were times when I wanted to smack Dani on the back of her head. Independence is great and all, but when the ex-SEAL security guy tells you to stay put, it might just be because he knows more about saving your life than you do. But I did like how much Dani could hold her own in a fight. She’s fierce, but believably so, and thankfully isn’t always independent to the point of stupidity.

On the romance side I would have liked for the pair of them to have talked a bit more about their pasts. Not that they have much chance, since this is pretty high octane at times. For all their great chemistry, though, I’m not convinced that these two have overcome their emotional issues enough for love. Unusually for this author, this made the romance feel a little shallow, and I don’t feel like I got to know either character all that well by the end.

Overall, though, I enjoyed this. In terms of Romantic Suspense, it’s definitely one of the better series I’ve come across. If I’m honest, I do miss that extra “something” that I get from Anna Hackett’s other series – whether it’s dinosaur aliens and end of the world peril or zipping around galaxies in space ships looking for lost artifacts. I like these books so far, but I’m not quite in love with them yet. Still, if you like your romance with action, some ancient history, a nice shot of heat and plenty of rumbles in the jungle, then give this a try. I’m intrigued to see where in the world we’ll be heading next.

Uncharted is Out Now!
Visit Anna Hackett for more details.


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