Review: Tempting Mr. Wrong

cover-tempting mr wrongTitle: Tempting Mr. Wrong
Author: Kerri Carpenter
Series: Wrong Man #2
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Length: Short novel
Available: 13th June


Lance Townsend craves freedom after years living a structured existence in the Army. But just as he’s about to start on his bucket list, Lance receives an unexpected request: check in on his goddaughter. The problem? The adorable little girl’s aunt is the one woman he’s never been able to forget.

Carly Quigley can’t believe her brother’s best friend, the man who jilted her years ago, is at her door. He claims her brother asked him to check in on her niece and their fixer-upper, but all either of them can focus on is their undeniable attraction. Carly knows Lance is counting down the hours to leave, which makes him the wrong man for her. Unfortunately, the wrong man has become oh-so-tempting.

Source: ARC from Entangled: Lovestruck via NetGalley

This is a cute contemporary romance, with a guy who has been responsible and good all his life on the verge of going out into the world and exploring everything he’s never had a chance to do before – but before he can, he just wants to check that his goddaughter is all right. And it has nothing to do with her attractive aunt. The same aunt that’s been avoiding him ever since they shared many dances and serious chemistry at a wedding, before he ended the night by turning her down.

It’s the usual story – she was his best friend’s little sister, too young for him, so he did the honourable thing and walked away. Except to her it was apparently completely humiliating (he didn’t shout at her in front of everyone or anything, he just said no to going back to her room) and she has shown her maturity in the years since by hiding away.

He hardly jilted her, but there we go. That’s kind of the theme of this book, blowing up little things into huge, massive, insurmountable issues that cannot be dealt with simply by having a conversation and five minutes of thinking. Instead they are often resolved in cheesy coincidental ways.

It’s not a bad book, but it didn’t sweep me away either. Lance is pretty sweet and very useful to have around, but apart from travelling the world and ticking off his bucket list, he seems to have no idea of what he’s doing with his future now he’s out of the army – he just seems to have lots of money he can comfortably spend, while he drifts about aimlessly.

Carly is okay too, doing a great job of raising her niece. I have to say I found her kind of boring. At first I thought she’d be more unconventional and interesting, but sadly not. That’s the thing about this book, when it’s not making storms in teacups, it’s all very nice and steady and sweet, but not exactly memorable. While I definitely could have done without certain stereotypes cropping up here and there (Lance’s mother in particular), I did, however, love little Mya. She stole the show and I would have loved to have seen more of her and Lance doing less girly-things. So cute.

Overall this is okay, it has a lot of sweetness, some sexy chemistry, more cute kid time than you can shake a Frozen-themed stick at and lots of very nice people being very nice to each other. If you want something quick and easy, give it a go. I did enjoy it, but it failed to leave much of an impression.

Tempting Mr. Wrong is out June 13th!
Visit Kerri Carpenter for more details.


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