Review: Trapped with the Cyborg

cover-trapped with the cyborgTitle: Trapped with the Cyborg
Author: Cara Bristol
Series: Cy-Ops #4
Genre: Sci-Fi Romance
Length: Short novel
Available: 21st June


The only thing more dangerous than a suicide mission is falling in love…

Amanda Mansfield has faced challenges in her life including the disapproval of her critical father and the near-fatal accident that ended a promising military career and resulted in her transformation to cyborg. Now a Cyber Operations field agent, she volunteers to lead the most dangerous Cy-Ops mission ever: infiltrating enemy territory to find the secret hideaway of a terrorist mastermind. The last thing she needs is an added complication.

Like him. Sonny Masters. Her partner. A streetwise former thug turned cyber operative with a lethal grin who doesn’t understand she’s in charge and does not require his protection. He’s everything she dislikes—and everything her body wants.

If they can keep their hands off each other long enough to complete the mission, they might just get out alive…

Trapped with the Cyborg (Cy-Ops Sci-fi Romance 4) is a standalone read.

Source: ARC from the author via email

I like this series, it’s sexy and fun and easy to read, with aliens and space tech and all kinds of enjoyable things. I like cyborgs too, and there are few things I love more than a well-matched action couple, so when I read that there were two cyborgs in this book, I was excited to see how things turned out.

Well, it’s still sexy and fun and exciting, but I have to admit I have my doubts about the effectiveness of these two on top secret missions. Mostly because of their complete lack of discretion. Come on, they’re on a dangerous terrorist planet, with a crushing theocratic dictatorship known for its intrusive use of tech and oppression of its people, so what do they do? Yup, discuss everything loudly and in detail in their room and also have noisy sex despite posing as brother and sister and having guards right out the door. Really? How professional are you people?!

Especially when they can talk wirelessly to each other in their heads.

This, as you may be able to tell, annoyed me quite a bit. Which is a shame, because this is another good installment to this series, digging a little deeper into the terrorist planet of Lamis-Odg and putting our characters in heaps of peril. It’s dangerous with plenty of moments of high tension and sexy times. It also stands alone well enough that if you’re new to the series you should be able to follow along, while old readers will hopefully enjoy taking another look at those nasty Lamis-Odg.

If I’m honest, though, Amanda didn’t quite live up to my expectations. She’s strong and capable, but spends a lot of time dealing with her daddy issues, while Sonny’s protectiveness veers close to sexist jerk at times (but both he and Amanda do realise this and she isn’t afraid to address it). Sadly, they didn’t work as well as a team as I’d hoped either, since Sonny is a big strong leadership guy and Amanda gradually defers to him throughout because Love! Which, by the way, came out of nowhere. They was attraction, there was sex, there was peril – suddenly love! Hmm…

So, on balance, this isn’t my favourite of the series. It is still a good read, for the overall series plot as much as anything, but the characters didn’t appeal to me as much as I’d hoped, neither act like I’d expect from experience cyber-ops people and both have moments of complete lack of suspicion leading to them missing clues I would have expected them to have picked up on immediately. However, if you’re looking for a sexy sci-fi romance that’s a quick, easy read, has aliens, danger and running around in the desert, then give this a try.

Trapped with the Cyborg is out 21st June!
Visit Cara Bristol for more details.


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