Review: Can’t Get Over You

cover-can't get over youTitle: Can’t Get Over You
Author: Shirley Jump
Series: Fortune’s Island #2
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Length: Short novel
Available: Now


Travel back to the loveswept world of Fortune’s Island with New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Shirley Jump.

His voice pierced the darkest corners of her heart.

Waitress Jillian Matheson needs a life makeover. The first thing on her “Get it Together” to-do list is breaking up with her fiancé, Zach Gifford, a struggling rocker who refuses to grow up. With Zach on the sidelines, Jillian pursues the dream career she’s secretly craved for decades and finds romance in the arms of a hot, mysterious visitor on Fortune’s Island. There’s just one kink in her plans. Zach’s band has a regular gig at The Love Shack where she works. And, she can’t deny the effect of his velvet-cloaked voice, a voice that can still reach places she no longer allows his hands to touch.

She’s the only song he ever wanted to sing.

Zach thought he had everything figured out—a music career on the edge of a breakthrough and a gorgeous fiancé—until Jillian left her engagement ring on his amp one night and walked out of his life. He is sure that he can get her to remember their shared passion and realize that they belong together, until a new man enters the picture and begins to sway Jillian’s heart.

Is it ever too late for true love?

Just as Zach begins to break down Jillian’s walls of resistance, a dark secret from his past comes to light and threatens to ruin their second chance at love. With shattered trust pushing them farther away from each other than ever before, can these two wounded hearts find their way back to each other before the last song?

Source: ARC from NetGalley

I love a good second chance romance, and especially appreciate tales of patching up or repairing a long term relationship, so I was really looking forward to this book. The thing I loved best about the first story in this series (And Then Forever) was the Love Shack itself, the people who worked there and the whole zest the place brought to the book. Sadly, this time around the Love Shack is nothing but an occasional set for the rest of the drama to unfold upon and around, and I did miss that fun side.

I also struggled a bit with the characters. On paper, I’d be firmly on Jillian’s side with the way their relationship fell apart and the fact that Zach didn’t react much for three months, but… well, it’s not that I found Jillian unlikable, but there wasn’t much to like about her either. She complains that Zach shut her out of his music towards the end of their relationship, yet she never told anyone about her own. She tells Zach he needs to grow up, but even though she works, it’s for her parents, and she has no real ambition for the future, even if she is sort of going to college.

Zach was the opposite, I found him so very easy to like, even though he does need to grow up a bit and sort out his issues, and I had no idea how on earth he was ever going to resolve that big secret he’d been keeping for so long. But I liked him. He’s affable and talented and sweet and clearly loves Jillian to distraction.

Jillian’s feelings I was less certain of. She’s clearly attracted to Zach, but doesn’t want to be, and her dating didn’t help. Because I liked Zach, and this is clearly a romance between her and Zach, I was always waiting for something to go wrong with Ethan, or for him to turn out to be an axe murderer or something. The set up of the story stopped me from ever liking the man and I just resented him – and by extension Jillian – for that whole side plot.

Which isn’t ideal, but I think the thing that stopped me from really enjoying this book is that Jillian and Zach don’t change much. There’s no real development of their characters, there’s no planning for the future. By the end of the book they’re really not all that different from at the start, and despite a few cheesy twists here and there, I was left feeling a little deflated by the romance. Yes, I wanted them to get back together (because I liked Zach), but I wanted them to grow, for their relationship to advance – for something to happen! Instead I got a fairly sweet tale about a man trying to win back the love of his life, with added love for music thrown in.

It’s a quick, easy enough read, but I would have liked a little more depth, a little more development and at least one last dance to that iconic song.

Can’t Get Over You is Out Now!
Visit Shirley Jump for more details.


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