Review: Drag Prince Charming

cover-drag prince charmingTitle: Drag Prince Charming
Author: B. A. Huntley
Series: Peacock Collection
Genre: F/F Romance
Length: Short story
Available: Now


When 33 year old Katharyn reluctantly returns home to recover from an illness, she is forced to attend several elaborate parties with eligible gentlemen she has zero interest in. All to make her stubborn, pushy mother happy.

One night, she meets the beautiful seamstress and drag king Renata. In order to fool Katharyn’s mother until Katharyn moves back out, Renata dons male apparel while taking her out on the town.

But the deception can’t last forever, and once she’s well again Katharyn will not just move out, but return to a life of traveling, meaning she’ll be leaving Renata behind her one way or another…

Source: ARC from Less Than Three Press via NetGalley

This is a sweet little read, with some likeable, nice characters. There really isn’t a lot I can say about it, except that the entire idea of Renata dressing as Mateo was a bit confusing. Katharyn’s mother is very pushy, wanting more grandchildren and to see Katharyn settled, but Katharyn admits that when she’s in a relationship with a woman her mother usually backs off… so why did Renata have to dress as Mateo? It makes absolutely no sense.

Aside from that, because this is so short, it’s a lot more tell than show, which is kind of shame. There’s definitely room for a more in-depth story. As it stands, though, it’s cute if a little shallow and the reason for it all is kind of baffling.

Drag Prince Charming is Out Now.
Visit B.A. Huntley for more details.


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