Review: Found: One Secret Baby

cover-foud one secret babyTitle: Found: One Secret Baby
Author: Nancy Holland
Series: – –
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Length: Short novel
Available: July 7th


Uncovering her secret…

LA lawyer Rosalie Walker will do whatever it takes to protect her adopted son. She promised his mother before she died that she’d look after him and keep him safe from his paternal family. So when delectable Morgan Danby walks into her office in search of his nephew, she must keep the baby in her care a secret—even if one look from Morgan makes her want to share everything with him…

As a favour to his step-mother— the woman who actually raised him, unlike his real mother who abandoned him as a child—successful businessman, Morgan is searching for the son of his incarcerated step-brother. He can tell Rosalie is hiding something and the temptation to seduce her for her secret is strong, but will he be able to handle the consequences once all is revealed…?

Source: ARC from HarperImpulse via NetGalley

This was an enjoyable, easy romantic read with a seriously cute kid and some lovely bonding moments between him and his uncle. Rosalie is smart and hardworking and a great mum to her little boy, Joey, even if she hasn’t been entirely above board regarding her legal guardianship. Then again, she has every reason to want to keep him away from his family.

Then along comes Morgan, who is also smart, but can add rich and determined on top of that. There’s a good spark of chemistry between the two of them and I loved the scenes between him and Joey.

There is a fair bit of lying in this book, which may or may not affect your enjoyment. I didn’t have a problem with any of it on Rosalie’s side, because she has excellent reasons and the people she’s fighting against aren’t always fair. Morgan tends to be more manipulative, and there’s one moment where he practically throws a tantrum and vows revenge. I really didn’t like him at that point, and even if he doesn’t turn into a super villain, it stopped me from ever liking him fully. He does have a rather spoilt tendency to overreact to things Rosalie does (or doesn’t do) and sulk like a brat.

Which is a shame, because Rosalie and Joey are great and, for the most part, Morgan is good too.

If you’re looking for a quick, enjoyable contemporary with a cute kid, plenty of tension between the protagonists and a little bit of antagonism too, then give this a try. It’s cute at times, has a nice bit of heat and some romantic balloons, not to mention a heroine I could both admire and like. True, the hero wasn’t always perfect, but it still kept me entertained for an evening.

Found: One Secret Baby is out July 7th!
Visit Nancy Holland for more details.


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