Review: May the Best Man Win

cover-may the best man win
Title: May the Best Man Win
Author: Mira Lyn Kelly
Series: The Best Men
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Length: Novel
Available: 2nd Aug


Four friends
Each a Best Man at a wedding
One chance to get it right

Jase Foster can’t believe his bad luck. He’s been paired with the she-devil herself for his best friend’s wedding: Emily Klein of the miles-long legs and killer smile. She may be sin in a bridesmaid dress, but there’s no way he’s falling for her again.

They can barely stand each other, but given how many of their friends are getting married, they’ll just have to play nice-at least when they’re in company. Once they’re alone, more than just gloves come off as Jase and Emily discover their chemistry is combustible, and there may be something to this enemies to lovers thing after all…

Source: ARC from Sourcebooks Casablanca via NetGalley

This was so much fun!  Two people who have known each other for far too long and have always denied their mutual attraction, finally giving in to it all and having plenty of steamy encounters, set against the backdrop of wedding after wedding – what’s not to love? It’s sexy, cute and fun, and a great way to escape from every day life.

I have to wonder, though, just how many friends do these two have? I get it, both Jase and Emily are great people who make amazing friends, so everyone wants them in their weddings, but who has this many friends? Especially when Jase has a tight knit core of four best friends – none of which are married, so have nothing to do with his serial role as best man/groomsman. It’s kind of crazy, and makes the introvert in me twitchy, but it’s also a great premise for this book and worked a treat.

I liked both Emily and Jase, even if they weren’t always particularly nice to each other at first. Jase is loyal to a fault, ready to stand-by and provide all levels of support to those he loves, while Emily is organised, excellent in a crisis and ready with advice when needed. It’s no wonder they frequently clash whenever their paths meet. They both have heaps of issues too, a fair few of which stem back to when they knew each other in high school and how everything fell apart then. I liked how their growing relationship helped heal those wounds, as well as moved everything on. They’re also perfect together, with scorching chemistry and plenty in common, making their growing relationship a delight to read.

Not that anything is that simple, of course. There’s plenty of resisting the inevitable and a few deeper issues of trust at work, but on the whole this is light hearted and fun, with a great bunch of characters that I can’t wait to read more about. I will definitely be keeping an eye out for the next one.

May the Best Man Win is out August 2nd!
Visit Mira Lyn Kelly for more details.


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