Review: The Curious Kitten

cover-curious kitten.pngTitle: The Curious Kitten
Author: Holly Webb
Illustrator: Sophy Williams
Series: Animal Tales
Age Range: 7+
Available: 11 Aug


Amber’s parents are having building work done and her kitten is very curious about all the new people coming and going. Then the little cat climbs into one of the builders’ vans and its owner drives off without noticing. The kitten escapes to find herself in a strange new place. Will she ever find her way home to Amber?

A heart-warming read from best-selling author Holly Webb, perfect for fans of Magic Animal Friends or Animal Arc.

Source: ARC from Little Tiger via NetGalley

This is another lovely little animal tale from the master of her craft, Holly Webb, with delightful illustrations from Sophy Williams. Cleo is a very adventurous young kitten who’s used to playing all day with her owner, Amber, but when Amber returns to school, Cleo gets into trouble when she goes looking for her.

Cleo is a very cute little kitten, with courage that far outweighs her size. Not only does she end up hungry and far from home, but she has all kinds of adventures as she tries to find her way back to Amber. Poor Amber can do little more than worry as she tries to think of ways to make sure her kitten can come home.

Telling both Amber and Cleo’s sides of the story, it’s perfect for animal loving young readers. A short, easy read, with lovely illustrations, it’s definitely one for cat and kitten lovers out there.

The Curious Kitten is out August 11th!
Visit Holly Webb for more details.


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