Review: Finn (Hell Squad)

cover-finnTitle: Finn
Author: Anna Hackett
Series: Hell Squad #10
Genre: Sci-Fi Action Romance
Length: Short novel
Available: 9th Aug


In the aftermath of a deadly alien invasion, a band of survivors fights on…

For Hawk pilot Finn Erickson, flying is in the blood. Since the aliens decimated the planet, he spends most of his time flying Hell Squad into combat. With communication to other survivor bases cut off, he has no idea if his family is still alive and feels their loss keenly. But helping to fight back sustains him, and his quadcopter is the only woman he needs. She doesn’t argue with him…unlike a certain redhead who is one hell of a kisser.

Lia Murphy lost her mother and sister in the invasion. She vows never to get emotionally involved with anyone again, and as head of the drone team, she’s always busy with work. But one cocky, arrogant pilot pushes all her buttons. When Finn issues a challenge–a fly-off in the flight simulator–she can’t resist. But she’s not sure if she can accept what he demands as his prize if he wins…her. In his bed for one night.

But as Finn and Lia’s fiery attraction heats up, so does the battle with the aliens. The pair must work together to reestablish communications with other humans and discover what the aliens are hiding in a mysterious area to the north. In the process, they will face the most dangerous alien creature yet, and be tested to their very limits…

Source: ARC from the author

Like many Hell Squad fans, I suspect, I’ve been waiting for Finn’s story for a while. I’ve been curious about the Hawk pilot since his very first appearance back in the beginning of this series, and now, finally, at last his chance has come.

Before I go any further… I had no idea Finn was Norwegian! Yes, I guess his name, Finn Erickson, is a bit of a Nordic clue, but there is nothing about him that remotely suggests this. Nor did it come across in this book, sadly. I mean, it’s great and all that he’s not from the usual stock countries, but Niko and Cruz definitely had a sense of their nationalities. Finn, sadly, doesn’t.

Anyway, that slightly personal pick aside, this book is full of the stuff that Hell Squad does best: strong man, capable woman, alien troubles growing with the stakes getting higher every day, oh, and some Hell Squad ass-kicking time. These are the things Hell Squad fans know and love and expect, and they are definitely here in force.

Things between Finn and Lia start off hot, with a sexy challenge, and the chemistry between them doesn’t relent as high stakes missions and important plans launch them both into action and danger.

If I’m honest, though a lot of action happens here, there are a few “Oh, how convenient” moments, and some things rush by a little quickly, meaning I never felt the peril as deeply as I’d hoped. It is exciting in places, and the plot definitely expands in new directions, even if certain aspects of the ending were a little too perfect to be true.

As for the romance, well, it’s hot and these two certainly have a lot in common, but I didn’t really feel the sense of partnership that I’ve always enjoyed as such an integral part of Anna Hackett’s books. Maybe it’s because Finn and Lia are both pilots, rather than having separate skills that compliment each other. Whatever it was, I felt like Finn was always just better and a touch more competent than Lia, who is great at flying drones, but is simply not as good as Finn when flying out in the world. She can do it, and she is good at it, but a sense of Finn’s superiority snuck through the pages and left me a little disappointed.

Overall, though, this book gives me pretty much everything I want from this series. The action is fast, the romance is hot and the characters are interesting. The partnership might not have struck me as completely equal, but it’s most of the way there, and this is still a good read. And after reading a little hint of what’s coming next… I cannot wait to see how that one unfolds!

Hell Squad: Finn is out August 9th!
Visit Anna Hackett for more details.


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