Review: Just One Kiss

cover-just one kissTitle: Just One Kiss
Author: Susan Hatler
Series: Kissed by the Bay #3
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Length: Short novel
Available: Now


Charlie Rockwell’s divorce from her rock star ex left her with a broken heart, a mansion on the bluffs in her hometown of Blue Moon Bay, and an empty back account. Now, Charlie has to generate enough income to keep the house she loves.

When producers of the soap opera, Just One Love, offer to rent Charlie’s house for a sizable fee, Charlie’s tempted. Only she wants nothing to do with the spotlight or dating someone famous again, and the show’s sexy star, Luke Montgomery, has her in his sights. Reluctantly, Charlie agrees to rent her home and vows to stay out of Luke’s way.

Unexpectedly, as filming progresses, Charlie witnesses Luke’s sweet side. She also remembers her college theater days and love of acting. During an on-set emergency, she’s asked to stand-in during a scene, and her undeniable chemistry with Luke impresses the producers enough that they want Charlie full-time.

Can Charlie finally have the career she’s dreamed about? And will Luke break her heart, or will he be everything he seems and what she always wanted?

Source: Review copy via NetGalley

This is a cute, easy read with a clean romance and plenty of wish-fulfillment via the magic of television. It’s the third in this series, but the first I’ve read, and I followed along perfectly well. Charlie’s own life definitely drifts into soap opera territory at times, but if you’re looking for something light and fun, this definitely fits the bill.

I will admit that pretty much everything about Charlie’s acting seemed too far fetched to me. I know soaps have to get through a lot of filming, but seriously, no retakes? And the ease with which everything happens, left me rolling my eyes a touch. As did the fact that her lawyer seems to become her agent… it just didn’t quite fit for me. While Luke is just a perfect, shy sweetheart who definitely felt too good to be true.

But then this is a light-hearted romance. As long as you don’t think about it too hard, it works well enough and has enough sparkle and friendship fun to carry it through.

Overall it’s cute, it’s readable and a nice way to spend an hour or two, when you don’t want to think about anything too deeply and you feel like dipping into a bit of high drama but very little fuss. It’s light and fluffy and makes for a good escape, but I don’t think I’d read it again.

Just One Kiss is Out Now!
Visit Susan Hatler for more details.


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