Review: Who’s That Girl?

cover-who's that girl.jpgTitle: Who’s That Girl?
Author: Mhairi McFarlane
Series: – –
Genre: Chick Lit/Rom Com
Length: Novel
Available: Now


An achingly funny story from the author of the bestselling YOU HAD ME AT HELLO

What’s the one thing you DON’T do at a wedding?

When Edie is caught in a compromising position at her colleagues’ wedding, all the blame falls on her – turns out that personal popularity in the office is not that different from your schooldays. Shamed online and ostracised by everyone she knows, her boss suggests an extended sabbatical – ghostwriting an autobiography for hot new acting talent, Elliot Owen. Easy, right?

Wrong. Banished back to her home town of Nottingham, Edie is not only dealing with a man who probably hasn’t heard the word ‘no’ in a decade, but also suffering an excruciating regression to her teenage years as she moves back in with her widowed father and judgey, layabout sister.

When the world is asking who you are, it’s hard not to question yourself. Who’s that girl? Edie is ready to find out.

Source: ARC from Harper Collins via Amazon Vine

The thing about Edie is that yes, Jack behaves badly, but she’s not entirely blameless in the whole shebang. Sure, she gets an extremely raw deal, since all the blame is heaped upon her shoulders in a modern social media way, but when she actually takes a good long look at her life, she’s never really down and out. Her boss supports her throughout, her father is always there for her, yes, her (stereotypical) sister and she have issues, but at least she has somewhere to go. She has a couple of brilliant best friends, she still has a job, and as long as she keeps away from social media, she has her sanity too. And there’s Elliot, who is pretty cute.

So why did she go to that wedding?

That’s the crux of this whole book for me. She knows her flirty friendship with Jack is shady at best, yet she goes to the wedding anyway, and funnily enough it doesn’t end well. Then there’s Louis, who she knows is a Judas, but she insists on staying friends with him, because to have no friends in the office would be worse than getting stabbed in the back.

This is a woman in her mid-thirties, who is widely regarded to be intelligent and is often told she is likeable… And that’s the thing about this book. It’s easy to read and mildly amusing at times, but no matter how many times I’m told this book is “laugh out loud funny”, “hilarious” and “heartbreaking”, I just didn’t feel it myself. It’s an okay read, but too long. Edie is an okay heroine, but allows herself to wallow a bit too deeply. There is a romance, but it takes a very long time to get going, before rushing to the end.

Ah, the end. I am not a fan of DIY endings. If I’ve stuck with you for 500+ pages, I want a proper ending. Thanks.

Overall, this is okay for a beach read, but I expected something a little more funny and a lot less predictable for this number of pages. If you want an easy read with a bit of a romance, a lot of commentary about the pitfalls of social media, some soul-searching by a heroine who has an emotional blip over an empty charmer and the usual famous hero who hates his fame (with a few amusing pokes at GoT), then give this a go.

Who’s That Girl? is Out Now.
Visit Mhairi McFarlane for more details.


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