Review: Claiming the Enemy

cover-claiming the enemyTitle: Claiming the Enemy
Author: Lauren Hawkeye
Series: Pulse #3
Genre: Hot Contemporary
Length: Short novel
Available: 12th Sept


Piper Dawson has spent a lifetime living by other people’s rules.
She’s worked hard to get what she wants—a residency at her first choice hospital—and no one will ever tie her down again, not even her severe yet incredibly sexy supervisor, Dr. Alexander “Ace” Lennox.

Ace is done with love. He’s had his heart shattered, and he never wants to go there again. But when he’s inexplicably enticed by the sexy, tattooed woman with blue streaks in her hair and a perpetual smile on her lip, he figures that maybe he can keep it to just sex.

The problem? He thrives on control, and Piper dances just around the edges of it.

But when they’re together, control is the first thing to go…

Source: ARC from Entangled: Brazen via NetGalley

This is an undeniably hot read, with sexy Ace taking plenty of control in the bedroom and Piper enjoying herself hugely. There’s a hint of antagonism between them, but only at the beginning and only very briefly, as Piper turns to Ace for help and ends up helping him in return, which presents them both in a very different light to each other. And the rest of chemistry.

The thing is there’s really not much more to the book than this. They’re both doctors, but this really doesn’t factor at all. Their time at the hospital is mostly spent in Ace’s office. They both have background issues that make them shy away from relationships, but they barely talk about Piper’s history while Ace’s isn’t discussed between them at all. I thought both of these things would be important, so was a little disappointed that they went nowhere. Kind of like… well, everything in this book except for the sex.

Which is great. Ace is seriously hot with his dirty-talking and take-charge attitude. Their chemistry is never in doubt, and this aspect of the book is amazing. Emotionally, though… yeah, I didn’t really buy into that side of things.

So if you’re looking for a down and dirty read and aren’t here for emotional connections or anything much beyond sex, then this is probably for you. It is scorching and that side of things never disappoints. I just wish the characters’ relationship beyond the bedroom had been given a bit more attention.

Claiming the Enemy is out September 12th.
Visit Lauren Hawkeye for more details.


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