Review: The Fox and the Ghost King

cover-the fox and the ghost king.pngTitle: The Fox and the Ghost King
Author: Michael Morpurgo
Illustrator: Michael Foreman
Genre: Children’s Fiction
Age Range: 6+
Available: 22nd Sept


A delightful tale of victory against all odds from master storyteller, Michael Morpurgo, lavishly illustrated by Michael Foreman.

“Every fox in the whole town, in the whole country just about, is a football fan… And we all have an impossible dream.”

In a cosy den under a garden shed lives a family of foxes. They love to watch football – all foxes do. But their favourite team keeps losing and losing, and it seems like things will never look up.

That is, until Daddy Fox finds the ghost of a king, buried underneath a car park. A king who wishes only to be free.

“Release me,” says the Ghost King, “and I can do anything. Just tell me your greatest wish.”

For these football-loving foxes, might everything be about to change…?

Source: ARC from Harper Collins UK via NetGalley

If you have a young football fan in your life who can tell you that Football + Foxes = Leicester City, then this might be the read for them. Even if they aren’t a big fan of football, this fun tale combines foxes with sport, history and even a touch of Shakespeare as it provides a supernatural reason for why the underdogs won the Premiere League last season.

It’s a quick read, wonderfully illustrated throughout by Michael Foreman, where a young and plucky fox goes to a football match with his dad, discovers a lost king and wins the kind of reward many, many football fans can only dream of.

If I’m honest I would have liked a bit more to have happened between the foxes and the ghost, but as it stands it’s fun and fast and cleverly ties up some of the more unusual occurrences in the city of Leicester over recent years.

Great for those who like football as well as those more interested in real foxes, and witty enough for adults to enjoy too.

The Fox and the Ghost King is out September 22nd.
Visit Michael Morpurgo for more details.


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