Review: Love Hard, Love Deep

cover-love-hard-love-deepTitle: Love Hard, Love Deep
Author: Lotchie Burton
Series: Men of Thorne Enterprises
Genre: Romantic Suspense/BWWM Romance
Length: Short novel
Available: Now


A former marine now turned corporate business owner, Richard “Rick” Thorne never did anything half-assed. He was an all-or-nothing kind of guy. Always had been. So giving his heart to the woman he loved was a no-brainer. She owned it, no question–until she ripped it from his chest and crushed it in the palm of her hand. And left him. Three years later just when he thought he’d finally gotten her out of his system, she’s back and she needs his help. Suddenly his life is turned upside down and he’s left torn between rushing to her rescue and slamming the door in her pretty face.

She’d made the biggest mistake of her life, running away. But Nylah James is a stubborn woman and once her mind is made up there’s no turning back. No matter how deep her regret she’d vowed to stay away, until something greater than her pride forced her to change her mind. Leaving him was the hardest thing she’d ever done. The only thing harder was coming back.

Warning: A BWWM romance, Love Hard, Love Deep contains scenes so hot they’ll make you blush. Some explicit language included. The first book in the series, it is a romantic suspense with elements of danger and action, humor, and intense emotional entanglements. This is a complete work with no cliffhanger, and has a HEA ending.

Source: ARC from the author

This is a quick-paced romantic suspense read that piqued my interest from the first page. For me the suspense was stronger than the romance, but it’s intriguing enough to carry the rest of the story all the way to the finish.

My main problem with the romance was Nylah. Her reasons for leaving Rick in the first place were weak and the way she (and disloyal Gabe) just expects him to get over his hurt got on my nerves. She’s pretty immature when it comes to Rick and there were times when I struggled to like her. Yes, she’s headstrong and sassy at times, and her determination to uncover the truth is mostly admirable, but the way she pushes against Rick’s reluctant moments and expects everything to be just fine and forgotten verged on brattiness – like her tantrum walk-out moments. I just wanted her to grow up and think about things occasionally. (Even when it came to Naomi it was all about how it affected poor Nylah, she rarely expressed worry for what might have happened to Naomi.)

I wasn’t sure about Rick at first, with his stony exterior and unyielding personality, but the moment we met his Girl I melted. The flashback to when he and Nylah met was kind of cute, in seeing how insecure he was, but it didn’t fit with how he is the rest of the time, and mostly seemed like an excuse to cram a sex scene in early. Normally that wouldn’t bother me, but I think because I didn’t know either character very well at that point (except that they were at odds in the present) I mostly skimmed it because the language was just too over the top.

Which is a shame, because the suspense side of things is great. I really liked “Natalie” and how the mystery around her unravels, although she does have a few arrogant moments (they don’t know anything about me… when she doesn’t know anything about them. Three stupid macho men thinking they can take down the whole operation… before going it alone herself), on the whole I thought she was a much better, more rounded character than Nylah. She was just more interesting. I liked her spark with Gabe too, though I suspect he has no idea what he’s letting himself in for.

So overall this is an okay read, especially if you’re more into the suspense side but don’t mind plenty of heat along the way. The ending leaves plenty of room for more to come in the series and the characters intrigued me (particularly Dante) enough to keep my eye out for more.

Love Hard, Love Deep is Out Now.
Visit Lotchie Burton for more details.


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