Review: Want Me, Cowboy

cover-want-me-cowboyTitle: Want Me, Cowboy
Author: Sinclair Jayne
Series: 78th Copper Mountain Rodeo #3/Wilder Brothers #2
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Length: Short novel
Available: Now


Cowboy Luke Wilder only wanted a beer at Grey’s Saloon. Instead he ends up in a fight with a brother he never knew and dumped by a fiery red headed bull breeder he only asked to dance. So much for keeping a low profile. But Luke Wilder is stubborn, and no woman’s ever said no to him twice, in business or pleasure.

Tanner McTavish is more focused on breeding champion bucking bulls than in making out with cowboys, unless that cowboy’s Luke Wilder. She’s had a crush on him for years, and the Copper Mountain Rodeo could be her chance for a little romance except she needs Luke on her side for a new business opportunity. Flirting and kissing are off limits. Too bad Tanner’s never played by the rules…

Source: Review copy from Tule Publishing via NetGalley

Luke Wilder is having a bad day, a really, really bad day. Wow, I don’t think I’ve ever felt so bad for a character so quickly. Just when he thinks it can’t get any worse, yup, it does – and it’s all down to his family. Poor guy, it’s no wonder he’s a bit shy when it comes to relationships.

Speaking of troubled families, Tanner has more than a few hangups of her own, especially when it comes to her twin, Tucker. In fact sibling issues is definitely a recurring theme of this book. I liked both Tanner and Luke, but there’s no denying they’re both messed up and this book is full of drama. Still, I liked how Tanner had turned her life around, even if she was insecure about so many things.

I also liked the way the relationship grows between them. Tanner’s opinion of Luke might be based pretty much entirely on his looks, but he sees so many good things in her and I liked how she realised how good a guy he is behind the reputation. Eventually.

Admittedly my opinion of Tanner takes a massive nosedive towards the end, when she turns ridiculously childish. At the same time, my empathy for Luke kept rising. Won’t someone give this guy a break? Every time Talon popped up (and what’s with all the female names in this book? Aren’t there any other letters available in the alphabet? I kept getting them all confused) things just took a sharp turn into nonsense land. The whole DNA test was daft, especially considering Kane’s reputation. I also know Luke should have made more of an effort to tell Tanner, but again, Kane. Not to mention Tanner made all the moves, so it’s not like he’s the scum of the earth. But, well. Drama!

Still, Tanner wins in the terrible family stakes, because Kane didn’t turn out too bad. Tanner’s family though, wow. I have no words for everything to do with her teenage hospital stay.

Although this book is part of the 78th Copper Mountain Rodeo series, it’s clear that this story is far from over now. Not just because there are various sibling issues to be resolved, but things between Tanner and her dad definitely aren’t over yet.

All things considered, I enjoyed this one. I ended up firmly on Team Luke and wanted only good things for him, because of everything else that happens in this book, so clearly the author did something right if I got this worked up over a fictional character. It is high on drama, though, so if you’re not here for tangled family angst you may not enjoy it so much. As part of the CMR series it has a few loose ties to the other stories, and left me intrigued about the final book, about which a fairly firm hint was dropped in Honey’s direction. Away from that, I will definitely be looking out for more from these characters, because I really want to know what’s going to happen next, especially with Kane. The Wilder Family Drama is far from over yet.

Want Me, Cowboy is Out Now.
Visit Sinclair Jayne for more details.


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