Review: Love Me, Cowgirl

cover-love-me-cowgirlTitle: Love Me, Cowgirl
Author: Eve Gaddy
Series: 78th Copper Mountain Rodeo #4
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Length: Short Novel
Available: Now


Disillusioned with love, Dr. Sean Gallagher returns to Marietta to join its expanding medical facility. Marietta’s newest, most eligible bachelor isn’t looking for long-term involvement – especially not with his brother’s much-younger former girlfriend, Honey Jordan. But short term? That’s another matter.

Escaping a toxic relationship with her father, barrel racer Honey spends as little time as possible in Marietta. Home for the 78th Annual Copper Mountain Rodeo, a brief fling with the town’s hottest new doc might be just the thing to distract her until she can leave again.

But when a riding accident strands Honey in Marietta, an affair meant to last a few nights turns into something much deeper, leaving both Sean and Honey torn between the safety of saying goodbye and the heartache of losing what they dare not admit they’ve found — one true and lasting love.

Source: Review copy from Tule Publishing via NetGalley

As the Copper Mountain Rodeo bids farewell for another year, along comes a tale of a fun fling taking an unexpected turn for the serious, between an eligible local doctor and a younger barrel-racer.

The thing is, I’m not really sure why they weren’t happy to get more serious in the first place. Honey has her reasons for staying away from Marietta most of the time, but although Sean starts out not wanting anything more, his reasons are only ever flimsy at best. Plus the age thing… which wasn’t really a thing. I thought it might crop up occasionally, but to be honest there’s nothing about Sean that suggests he’s sixteen (I think, it’s never actually confirmed how many years are between them) years older. He certainly doesn’t act it, considering he must be almost forty.

Honey’s reasons were far more valid, with her troubles with her father. I could also see why it made her defensive. But like Sean, she’s not really a fling person, so it seemed only natural when the two of them grew closer. Likewise, any conflict between them felt forced and not very convincing. Especially when there was a ready-made issue with the age difference – but not even her brothers mention it.

Then there was the horse thing. I cannot believe that Halo was “fixed” so easily, or that Honey was so clueless about how to take care of her horse after the accident. Everything else regarding horses and Sean was just… I don’t know. Did it have a point? It felt like an attempt to make him more interesting, but didn’t quite work for me.

Overall this was okay. The characters are likeable and the romance works well enough. It was a quick and easy read, but the conflict never really worked for me.

Love Me, Cowgirl is Out Now.
Visit Eve Gaddy for more details.


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