Review: Rendezvous

cover-rendezvousTitle: Rendezvous
Author: Skye Jordan
Series: Renegades #5
Genre: Hot Contemporary
Length: Short novel
Available: Now


Keaton Holt knows all about the badass throwdown—on the movie set and in the bedroom. As the only sixth-degree black belt stuntman for Renegades, he’s made a career of translating those fighting skills to the big screen. He’s sown his oats and is ready for hometown and apple pie. Too bad his rough exterior is a magnet for the women who think vanilla sex includes a drawerful of sex toys that could pass as weapons of mass destruction. So when he gets a second chance with the stunning personal assistant who looks like an angel and feels like home, he knows she’s exactly what he needs—and he’s ready to use all his best moves to keep her this time.

With a demanding new boss and a chronically ill nephew, the last thing Brooke Dempsey needs in her life is one more problem. Even if that problem is a sexy stuntman who knows exactly how she likes it. Keaton is just passing through, while Brooke is just settling in. Her nephew depends on Brooke, and her life is dedicated to getting him through this health crisis, but she’s not going to make the same mistake and part ways with Keaton before taking the chance to love him—just once.

But when Keaton pushes for a future, Brooke finds her heart torn over going after the love of a lifetime or giving her nephew a lifetime of happiness.

Source: ARC from the author

This series is complete brain candy, in the best possible way. I love the mix of sexy, bad boys and smart, uninhibited women. There’s glamour from the stuntwork, combustible chemistry in the bedroom and friendship, love and loyalty all thrown into the mix. I knew what to expect when I picked it up, and thankfully was not even remotely disappointed.

Keaton is hot. To outsiders he’s broody and intense, scarred and dangerous looking, but to those who know him he’s laid-back, fun to be around and outstanding at his job. His bafflement over why a certain type of woman is always drawn to him was kind of cute, but I much preferred him when he was with Brooke. They’re hot together, but also pretty sweet. He’s a good guy beneath the surface and surprisingly easy to hurt, but he’s understanding too and someone to be relied upon.

Brooke is hardworking, smart, loyal to her friends and amazing to her family. Her boss is a nightmare, but you couldn’t fault Brooke for staying with her for her nephew’s sake. I loved that she could let everything go when she was with Keaton, even if there were risks to their relationship. Her unselfish determination to help her nephew was admirable, but I couldn’t help cheering when she gets a chance to stand up for herself.

In all I really enjoyed this one. It’s hot and enjoyable, sexy and intense, with well developed characters and plenty going on beyond the bedroom. I did feel like it was maybe a touch on the short side, stopping me from really falling in love with this romance, but that’s a minor detail to what is another great addition to this fabulous series.

Rendezvous is Out Now.
Visit Skye Jordan for more details.


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