Review: The Cyborg He Brought Home

cover-the-cyborg-he-brought-homeTitle: The Cyborg He Brought Home
Author: A.M. Hawke
Series: – –
Genre: LGBT Sci-Fi Romance
Length: Short Story
Available: 26th Oct


Jake is bored of life in Greentree, a settlement of wizards who eschew technology and channel their magic through tattoos. Then a visitor arrives: Cory, a cyborg with coppery hair and metallic hands. Jake is fascinated by Cory’s metal parts, curious what it would feel like to touch them. But the others in Greentree aren’t so sure about a visitor they consider unnatural…

Source: ARC from Less Than Three Press via NetGalley

There are some really interesting elements in this short read, particularly the magic tattoos, but there’s just not enough of it. I got a little confused about who has what powers and what they actually do with them as this story tries to pack in a load of world-building with fantasy elements as well as sci-fi on top of the cyborg prejudice and trans issues.

Which is rather a lot for any tale to tackle, let alone one that’s only 10,000 words long.

When you take away all that stuff, the plot is basically two strangers meet and have sex, with some magic and cyborg anatomy lessons along the way. I don’t know what I expected from this, but a little more than that would have been nice. It has great potential, but in the end it fell a little flat for me, since there’s too much going on for this short length to do any of it justice.

The Cyborg He Brought Home is out 26th October.
Visit A.M. Hawke for more details.


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