Review: Elemental Ride

cover-elemental-rideTitle: Elemental Ride
Author: Mell Eight
Series: Roughhouse Raiders
Genre: M/M Paranormal
Length: Novella
Available: 9th Nov


Rawley isn’t the type to crush hard and fast on anyone, but he’s somehow helpless when it comes to the new mailman. Even his bikes and his job as enforcer for a local motorcycle gang, the center of his world, don’t compare to his interest in Reign. Unfortunately, Reign doesn’t seem to be as interested—but secrets and magic have a way of turning everything upside down.

Source: ARC from Less Than Three Press via NetGalley

For the most part I enjoyed this quick paranormal read. The problem is it left me wanting more, not just about Rawley and Reign, but about this world and the idea of elemental spirits being injected below human skin for ten years, providing the human with powers and the elemental with a safe space to grow up. It’s a fascinating idea, but one that couldn’t really be explored in a short novella.

At least not when it’s competing with a biker gang’s possible removal from their chosen space and Rawley’s possible romance with Reign. The biker gang issues could have been intriguing, but they’re pushed right to the back, leaving a definite unfinished feel to them.

As for Rawley and Reign, well, again that was an intriguing idea that only had a chance to hint at what could possibly happen there. This novella felt like the beginning of something more, rather than a complete tale in and of itself, and I would love to read other things with them in. Simply because there is so much more to be explored especially as Reign has so many different personalities living beneath his skin.

So overall I liked this, but on its own it’s short and underdeveloped. If more comes, great, but if this is all there will ever be, then it feels like good ideas left sadly unfinished.

Elemental Ride is out November 9th.
Visit Mell Eight for more details.


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