DNF: Unraveling the Pieces

Title: Unraveling the Pieces
Author: Terri DuLong
Series: Ormond Beach #3
Genre: Woman’s Fiction
Length: Novel
Available: 22nd Nov


Petra Garfield has no real attachments tying her down to one place. She’s ready for an adventure, so what could be better than an extended stay at Koi House with new friends and old in enchanting Ormond Beach. Having recently lost her mother, Petra is riddled with questions about the father she never knew. She certainly never thought she’d begin to find the answers in a tiny town in Florida…

As much as she wants to search for the truth, Petra knows she can’t spend all her time wallowing in the past, and her friends at the Dreamweaver yarn shop aren’t about to let her. The ladies encourage her to volunteer at a local animal shelter, where she hits it off with a young boy—and his handsome father. Tangled in secrets she didn’t even know she had, Petra must learn to stitch her life back together even as she unravels lifelong mysteries—and perhaps she’ll find unexpected happiness along the way…

Source: ARC from Lyrical Press via NetGalley

I really wanted to enjoy this book, with a slightly older protagonist searching for the truth about her parentage, with some fun knitting and romance along the way. I tried, truly, I did, but I sadly just found it boring. I got a third of the way through and nothing had really happened yet, except for Petra developing a rather disturbing fascination for a ten year old boy. Sure, he’s cute and all, but I found her fixation on him weird. Especially from a woman who has had no interest in kids thus far in her life.

There are also occasional scenes told from the POV of Petra’s mother, when she was young, dealing with who Petra’s father is and where that all went wrong. But I found that a bit dull too. I couldn’t really engage with the writing style, which spent too much time on unimportant conversations that don’t go anywhere and no time at all getting Petra to actually look for her father, or the characters who sort of blurred into an indistinguishable mass.

Sorry, but this book wasn’t for me. Maybe if I’d started at the beginning of the series I’d have liked it more, but I think the style just wasn’t a good fit for me.

Unraveling the Pieces is out November 22nd.
Visit Terri DuLong for more details.


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