DNF: Third Eye Watch

Title: Third Eye Watch
Author: Nipa Shah
Series: Serena Shaw Mystery
Genre: Romantic Mystery
Length: Novel
Available: Now

DNF @ 17%

Meet Serena Shaw; fun-loving, sassy & impulsive, AND she can read your thoughts, literally. The disappearance of her neighbor brings her in touch with Special Agent Samvir Raina; a drop-dead handsome FBI agent, who also has ESP. Based in Detroit, THIRD EYE WATCH has a little bit of romance (actually quite a bit of it), a little bit of intrigue, and a little bit of action.

This is the first of the many adventures of gallery owner Serena Shaw & FBI Agent “McHot” Samvir Raina; in the Serena Shaw Mystery Series.

Source: Review copy from the author

Romantic Suspense/Mystery can be a hit and miss sub-genre for me, and sadly this was a miss. I found the writing style very stilted at first, with a lot of telling the action rather than showing. It tended to repeat itself a bit too, especially after Serena discovered her telepathy.

Still, I was mildly interested in the mystery and wanted to see where it headed. That is until Sam turned up. Serena suddenly striking up a friendship with the female FBI agent was a bit odd, and the agent seemed strangely comfortable telling Serena all kinds of stuff, but it was the fact that Sam having a girlfriend wasn’t seen as important. Serena is more beautiful, so of course it’s fine that she goes after him.

That was the point when I gave up. Sorry, but the writing style already wasn’t working for me, so throw in that and I didn’t much care what happened to her or any of the others.

Third Eye Watch is Out Now.
Visit Nipa Shah for more details.


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