Review: Murky Pond

cover-murky-pondTitle: Murky Pond
Author: T.L. Haddix
Series: Firefly Hollow #12
Genre: Women’s Fiction/Contemporary Romance
Length: Novel
Available: Now


With one passionate night and one very big mistake, a years-long friendship was sent spinning down the drain. At least, that was what Lily Campbell feared. Not wanting to face the reality of what she’d done with her best friend, she fled across the globe. Months later, with her job ending, she has to return home to Dragonfly Creek Farm and face the man she left behind.

Warren Sullivan suffered unimaginable loss in the past and somehow managed to survive, but Lily running far and fast after the night they spent together cut him to his soul. When she returns, he’s determined to give her the cold shoulder—a resolution that lasts all of five minutes. Drawn to each other like never before, they’re both wary of being ripped apart even as their feelings pull them into a passion-filled whirlwind.

Murky Pond is the twelfth book in the “Firefly Hollow” Series, Women’s Fiction Romances set in and around Appalachia.

Source: Review copy via NetGalley

This is another absorbing tale from the Firefly Hollow series, full of emotion and troubles and family, all combining to make an enjoyable whole.

Although, I will say, there are a fair few gaps at the beginning that made it a bit tricky for me to get involved. The action starts seven years before the majority of the book, at which point Warren has already been through a lot that we don’t get to see. Then it’s seven years later and again, we’ve missed out on all the important bits – such as Warren and Lily’s friendship and the night where everything went wrong.

It left me feeling as though I’d missed a book or two, which is not the best way to start off a read. However, despite the most important moments not being shown, there is enough of a recap that things soon settled down and I could enjoy what was going on.

Of which there is plenty, often not directly related to either Warren or Lily. I did like Warren, though. He’s been through an awful lot in his life – and I was a bit surprised that most of it doesn’t warrant a mention later on – but he’s a good guy despite it. Lily was more annoying, with her habit of running away and avoiding all issues, and then getting angry at everyone else because she couldn’t get her own act together, but their romance was pretty cute and mostly straight forward. In fact, there were times when I felt like their relationship was being stretched out a little unnecessarily in order to fill the pages.

Which mostly get filled with other Campbells. We see a lot of the extended family in this book, which is always nice, but can be a bit confusing at times because there are a lot of them and every time they get mentioned they get introduced in a slightly different way. I don’t really bother trying to keep track of them anymore, unless they play a significant part.

On the whole I enjoyed this. There is emotion and loss and new beginnings and hope and hurt and a glimpse of the various paranormal abilities this family is hiding, all wrapped around a sweet second chance romance. It’s an easy, comforting read that fits in beautifully with the rest of the series and neatly sets up a few future stories that I look forward to reading.

Murky Pond is Out Now.
Visit T.L. Haddix for more details.


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