Review: Falling for the Best Man

cover-falling-for-the-best-manTitle: Falling for the Best Man
Author: Amanda Ashby
Series: Sisters of Wishing Bridge Farm #1
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Length: Short novel
Available: 9th Jan


What’s worse than running into your ex-hookup at the airport? When said ‘hookup” is the best man for the most important wedding of your career, and he’s on the hunt for a fake girlfriend. Between a hysterical bride and a wedding party gone wild, wedding planner Emmy Watson can’t afford any more disasters if she wants to save her beloved Wishing Bridge Farm. Which is why she puts the best man on lockdown. Unfortunately, he also happens to be the one guy who can make her forget everything except the way his kisses make her feel.

All Christopher Henderson needs is a fake girlfriend to convince his bosses that his bad boy reputation is a thing of the past so he can land his dream job. What better place to find said companion than at a wholesome vintage wedding. The only thing he didn’t count on was seeing Emmy, the woman who dumped him. The one he hasn’t been able to get off his mind.

There’s no denying the spark between them, but he’s a globetrotter and she’s a homebody, and falling in love is something neither of them has in their plans.

Source: ARC from Entangled: Bliss via NetGalley

I really enjoyed this sweet and easy small town romance with its hint of second chances and strained sisterly relationships, I really enjoyed this book. Emmy and Christopher couldn’t be more different in what they want from life, yet somehow, someway, they manage to understand each other better than anyone they’ve ever met.

I liked Emmy a lot and I got really angry at the way her sisters kept trying to force her to go out into the world and spread her wings. She’s a home body, she loves the farm and the town of Sunshine, and if that’s all she wants from life there shouldn’t be anything wrong with that. The idea of her sisters selling the farm just to force her to get out into the world really annoyed me. I just wanted them to listen to her and what she wanted for once. Or at least understand why she might be scared.

Actually, I thought more would have come from her fears about leaving home, particularly her parents. But they get mentioned once and are seemingly forgotten ever after, which seemed a little odd.

Christopher is the complete opposite of Emmy, a real rolling stone who has no intention of standing still or settling down. But I liked that despite their differences, the two of them easily found common ground and things to connect over beyond their chemistry. They make an excellent team and it was easy to cheer them both on throughout, wanting them to find a way to a HEA.

Aside from the romance, the town of Sunshine and the farm itself provide a wonderful setting, peopled with fun locals. Emmy’s sisters also provide interesting contrasts, not to mention a few mysteries about just what is going on with them to bring them home. Plus a vintage wedding and a wish-granting bridge. If you like small town romances, this tale is packed with the kind of cute, endearing characteristics that made for a charming read.

In all, I really enjoyed this. It’s light and easy, fun and warm, and a mostly clean romance with good chemistry between the main characters. I’ll definitely be looking out for more from this series.

Falling for the Best Man is out January 9th.
Visit Amanda Ashby for more details.


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