Review: Wild Kisses

cover-wild-kissesTitle: Wild Kisses
Author: Skye Jordan
Series: Wildwood #2
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Length: Novel
Available: 10th Jan


Newly divorced, Avery Hart returns home to Wildwood eager to take on her dream opportunity and transform her family’s dive bar into her own bakery. The contractor for hire isn’t just a master with his hands—he’s big, built, and wears a tool belt like nobody’s business. Despite being an ex-con, Trace Hutton is irresistible. Too bad he’d never go for someone as inexperienced as Avery.

Trace needs to focus on the job at hand, not daydream about smearing icing all over the sexy baker…and licking it off. This job is the key to getting his construction company back on its feet after his time in prison. Besides, no one deserves a fresh start more than Avery, and she certainly won’t get that with him.

After a delectable night of passion (and pie), Trace craves something more. But he’ll be damned if he’ll let his checkered past crush her dreams. And as Avery starts to realize how Trace fulfills more than just her physical needs, she struggles with whether to let her history decide her future, or explore the wild new possibilities of forever…

Source: ARC from Montlake Romance via NetGalley

I really enjoyed this second trip to Wildwood with its tale of a newly divorced woman and the ex-con contractor who is helping to make her dreams come true. Of course both Trace and Avery are so much more than that brief description, and their romance is far from simple. Whatever their collective troubles, though, they’re a likeable pair who are never shy of working hard to get things done.

In fact, Trace and Avery are perfect together, but both have been severely bruised and battered by life, and not everyone is on their romantic side. I loved reading about their relationship and their tentative steps closer to each other – not just because there is some serious heat between the pair of them, but because they’re so good for each other.

I also liked that neither of them are drowning in self-pity. No, they’re not wholly to blame for the bad stuff in their lives, but they own up to their responsibilities and just want to move on. Both more than deserve their new starts and I was rooting for them to find them throughout.

Filled with delicious baking treats, family support and problems – including the pain and difficulties of dealing with dementia – this book is about more than just the romance. Not least because of a certain cop still intent on stirring up trouble. It was also nice to see how Ethan and Delaney’s relationship (Forbidden Fling) is progressing, though the small town community of Wildwood felt a bit muted this time.

Overall, I really enjoyed this. There might have been a bit of a blip towards the end where I came close to losing patience with a certain character, but on the whole this was a good read, filled with likeable characters, an enjoyable romance and the kind of heat I would expect from a Skye Jordan book. I’ll definitely be looking out for the next one.

Wild Kisses is out January 10th.
Visit Skye Jordan for more details.


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