Review: Monty the Sad Puppy

cover-monty-the-sad-puppyTitle: Monty the Sad Puppy
Author: Holly Webb
Illustrator: Sophy Williams
Series: Animal Stories
Age Range: 7+
Available: 12th Jan


Amelie has always loved dogs, but she never dreamed that she’d end up with two of them!

Their puppy, Monty, has only been with them for a few months when her family offer to take in her grandad’s beloved Daisy as he has to go into a care home. Amelie promises Grandad they will look after the old dachshund brilliantly. But when Daisy arrives, she is obviously unhappy and scared. Meanwhile, Monty doesn’t understand why there is another dog in his house. And with Amelie making such a fuss over the new arrival, he soon starts to feel very unwanted. Doesn’t Amelie care about him any more?

A brand new tale in the Animal Stories series from best-selling author Holly Webb. Monty The Sad Puppy is the 35th book in Holly Webb’s Animal Stories series, a must for animal loving girls aged around six to eight years.

Source: ARC from Little Tiger via NetGalley.

The start of this book filled me with happiness, because when I was Amelie’s age, I had a Labrador puppy too – though mine was rather less well behaved than Monty. He’s an adorable bundle of puppy enthusiasm and cuteness, and my heart hurt for him when Daisy came to stay and everyone paid her more attention. He’s such a cute puppy, but his confusion over everything is so sad.

This sadness also ties in with the fact that Amelie’s grandad isn’t very well and how badly poor Daisy feels when she has to move to a new home. There are no villains in this story, just sad situations and confused feelings as changes happen.

However, it’s not all sad and there is a happy ending – along with plenty of gorgeous illustrations to keep readers smiling.

Going a little bit deeper than the Animal Stories usually go, this is my favourite of all that I’ve read. Most of this is because Monty is so adorable and I really felt for him throughout, but I also appreciated the human drama as well. In all this is another great story that’s perfect for animal loving readers.

Monty the Sad Puppy is out January 12th.
Visit Holly Webb for more details.


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