Review: Tell Me True

cover-tell-me-trueTitle: Tell Me True
Author: Ally Blake
Series: Cinderella Project #3
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Length: Novel
Available: Now


April Swanson is so hopeful about all the possibilities New Year’s might bring, she’s practically Pollyanna. She’s hardly wishing for the world, after all – just a little less family crazy and the promotion she’s perfect for. Surely then she can finally let loose and not strive to be such a good girl all the time.

For reformed bad boy, Finn Ward, hope is a four letter word, yet he has a New Year’s wish of his own – to silence his dark and twisted past before it unravels his future and hurts the people he cares about. No matter what.

So why would fate trick two such disparate souls into a fake first date? Maybe because they’ve both made the wrong wish…

Source: ARC from Tule Publishing via NetGalley

I found this a cute, easy read about a woman who gives too much and a man who keeps everything close to his chest. On first glance April and Finn could not be more different – he who needs no one, and she who needs to be needed – but I enjoyed how their haphazard acquaintance slowly evolved into so much more. Yes, there is deception in the mix, but for the most part I simply enjoyed the two of them working things out.

April is a bit of a doormat. Her sister is horrible to her, her workmates completely take her for granted (when they aren’t outright using her) and her mother has impossible expectations. It’s no wonder she feels in need of a life change, which is where the Cinderella Project comes in. Yet there’s so much more to April than her put-upon persona. She’s smart, observant and funny. I loved how a completely different version of her always popped up around Finn. She’s brutally blunt with him, but funny too, and definitely sees things in him that he refuses to see for himself.

Poor old Finn is quite a mess. His whole life is built on a lack of trust, trying never to form connections so that he can run at a moment’s notice. But he does make connections. In fact he has a circle of friends and created family that he will do almost anything to protect. He’s quite the contradiction. It’s no wonder he can’t resist April’s unique charms when they land so firmly in front of him. He doesn’t always make the best decisions where she’s concerned, but I did love that he sees her for who she really is and isn’t afraid to stand up for her when necessary.

Surrounding these two are a cast of characters with quirks and intrigues of their own. From meddling older women to supportive friends, the aforementioned nasty sister to troublesome parents. There is definitely always something going on in this book, usually in a fun and interesting way. I was left a little unconvinced about some of the ending, though (mostly how things turn out with April’s job), but the pair of them are so cute together I just wanted them to succeed.

If you’re looking for a light, fun read with a sprinkle of fairy tales and more than a hint of opposites attract, then give this a go.

Tell Me True is Out Now.
Visit Ally Blake for more details.


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